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It’s Cool to Wear Just Underwear

It’s Cool to Wear Just Underwear

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Post Date: May 05, 2012

Ladies, Go Buy Now: Underwear as Outerwear
Contributing Writer Amanda Hanowitz

So you’ve successfully completed steps 1 and 2 of how to keep yourself cool.
Still not satisfied? Still a little sweaty at the club? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Go topless!

Kidding. We know it’s DC nightlife but no, I’m not really telling you to rock out with your TaTas out.

Step 3: Try the bralette.
girls on shoulders at the club

Rihanna's got the right idea about the bralette and more...

bras you can wear on top

Notice girl #1 rockin' a fun bun as well!!!

You may not recognize step three by its name but you’ll know it when ya see it. We’ve all seen girls raging on guys’ shoulders wearing nothing but a bra.

They’re rocking the bralette.
And they’re keeping it real!!

We’ve seen it before: a trendy patterned bra peeking out of a chick’s graphic tank. Only now it’s not meant to be concealed! (amazing selection at Freepeople)

The bralette is typical party attire. It can be worn underneath it all or as your main garment of choice. You can even go in wearing it as a bra and come out wearing it as a shirt. It’s the best of both worlds.

This brings me to my main tangent. Underwear as outerwear. Anything goes.

You no longer have to conceal your undergarments; instead parade them around for all to see.

But be cautious.

The bralette is more appropriate than your average bra. If you take off your shirt and reveal a Calvin Klein lace push up bra, get out. But if you rip your graphic, fringed tank off and reveal a floral print cropped tank, you’re in the clear! (check em out at Urban Outfitters)

Also, this look is probably best kept in a club. Wearing a bra in public, whether or not it has the suffix “-lette”, is not 100% acceptable. Determine your surroundings. Hopefully your topknot isn’t so tight that it affects your decision making skills.

Be smart, no one wants to see your parts.