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Kirill Was Here, An Interview w/ The Man Behind Champagne Facials

Kirill Was Here, An Interview w/ The Man Behind Champagne Facials

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Post Date: September 09, 2012

More Shots, Raunchy LA Club Chicks, Some Guy’s Girlfriend’s Boobs
You may not know who Kirill is, but we can guarantee one of two things:
  1. You know and love his work
  2. You love his work and don’t even know it

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Kirill is America’s #1 Nightlife Photographer, the man behind Champagne Facials and the source of gloriously raunchy, while classy at the same time party pics.

“dude I love these fucking questions” – Kirill
(editor’s note – thanks braaaahh)

When did you first realize you could take pictures of people getting fucked up for a living? Not how did you get into it… but when did you realize it was ‘it’? On some Zoolander, second grade, reflection in a spoon shit.

once i saw that clubs & parties that never wanted anything to do with me, started hiring me to shoot i knew i had something. i had to prove my value in the beginning. and eventually people saw that sex sells. i never sold out. never took a shit job for the money. that’s why nothing besides me dictates the direction of my brand. people hire me for me. not to just have any other photographer.
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You ever been out in DC?

yes. i’ve been there a few times. it’s the biggest melting pot of chicks I’ve ever seen.

Your twitter is awesome. That’s not a question, just a fact.


Colleges or clubs? Why?

depends. for me the problem is that most college girls these days are afraid of the consequences of making mistakes on camera (that will then end up on the internet and their parents will ship them home). at clubs, the girls have been through the ringer. they know that anything they do on camera they won’t really regret the next morning.
kirill college tour photos

Pros and Cons of NY vs. LA…

in nyc you can hop from party to party all night which makes it much easier to find something good. la is fun if you go out with the right people. i am a ny-er. i don’t really know la. so i rely on my friends to take me out. so far, the girls i’ve met are hot and raunchy. the 2am curfew in la sucks, but that’s what hotel rooms are for, right?

How many boyfriends/brothers/dads have threatened you? Have any come after you? What happened?

i’ve had my share of boyfriends threaten me. more often they were the ones that were out doing something they shouldn’t have and didn’t want their girlfriend finding out. i’ve had a few moms ask me to pull down photos of their daughters. nothing too crazy. my site just got hacked this month. all my photos were deleted. i hear it was some kid who’s girlfriend’s boobs i photographed and posted.
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Sorry your site got hacked. How does that affect you?

for some reason it didn’t bother me. i am comfortable enough with my brand to be able to take a hit and it was reassuring to see my fans and friends stand by me, while we rebuilt the site.

How do you cure a hangover?

more shots. that’s the only way.
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5 things needed for a dope party are…

sluts. tequila. champagne. good music. sluts.

Are you more of an ass, titty, lip, thigh or face man. or all the above hahaha or beyond…

im def a titty man. they just photograph so well 🙂
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