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Ladies Keep Calm – And Get Your First Date On

Ladies Keep Calm – And Get Your First Date On

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Post Date: April 04, 2013

He Asked You Out… Now What?
Contributing Writer Amanda Hanowitz • @getWITZit

So, ladies (guys, pay attention): If you are living in this century, one that lacks chivalry and kind men, you probably don’t go on many dates. But if you’ve taken to heart everything your mom says about the “good old days” and talking to guys on the phone, perhaps you’ve been asked on a date or two.

So let’s say the boy of your dreams asks you on a date. What are you gonna do? Hopefully you’ll respond to his request with an answer (yes). Then you’ll start to panic a little bit.
girl freaking out

If you are anything like me, slightly irrational, the following things will cross your mind:

  • What the hell am I going to wear? I need to be casual cute, but like, a little dressier than normal, but like also not look like I’m trying too hard.
  • What will I order? Everything on the menu is gonna be so weird to say aloud. Will he think I’m fat? Will he appreciate that I eat and am not anorexic?
  • Are we gonna kiss hello? Are we gonna hug? Are we gonna awkwardly hug and bump our heads?
  • What about the bill? Some people are so weird with money. Do I offer to pay? Do I insist if he says no? Do we split the bill? Do I just whip my wallet out?
  • Will he kiss me goodbye?

awkward kiss

Once you’ve gotten over the initial shock you can strategically plan the perfect outfit.

  • Go for something trendy casual: Nice dark wash jeans and a comfortable, oversized sweater. Maybe go with jeggings, to ensure maximum comfort. Pair with combat boots or tall riding boots.
  • Try J Brand Mid Rise Skinny Jeans in the Pure hue. Or try a high rise option. Pair the dark jeans with a Free People sweater, like the Windows to My Soul Pullover. You can never go wrong with a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Brit Wrap Strap Boots.
  • Go for a subtle face of makeup; there is no need for cake on your face, girls. Apply some blush, eyeliner, mascara and a little tinted lipbalm for emphasis. Take it easy on these applications, you still want to look like yourself!

good first date outfits
The appearance, unfortunately, is the only thing you have complete control over. All you can do after that is take a deep breath and have faith that he’ll kill it, the conversation will flow and that with any luck, no food will get stuck in your teeth. Bring floss just in case.

Above all else: BE YOURSELF! There’s a reason he asked you out. Rock your trendy outfit, fresh face and personality. There will be nothing not to love. If all goes well, maybe he’ll even ask you out again.