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Lazy and Hate Taking Notes? Snoozerr is for You!

Lazy and Hate Taking Notes? Snoozerr is for You!

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Post Date: August 08, 2011

snoozerrLooking for a way to take notes without having to take notes? Yes, you can record the audio of a lecture and then listen later. Yes, some applications even synchronize the notes you write with the audio of the lecture (Microsoft Office for Mac). The only problem is you either have to sort through hours of audio or type that pesky text. If none of this sounds okay to you, we have the solution: Snoozerr Recordings. The best news yet? It’s only $.99 and works on your iPhone.

By now you probably want to know what it actually does. Well, Snoozerr is perfect for taking audio recordings during your boring class lectures. When something important happens just take a snapshot of the blackboard, whiteboard, projector, or whatever while recording.

Cool, pictures and sounds from a lecture. Anyone can do that, but what makes this perfect for the lazy college student is so much more. Most notably the pictures sync up with the audio so while listening the picture from that time comes up. Or, you can get to that point in the lecture by selecting the picture. All your “notes” are organized however you like. The icing on the cake? You can send them to your friends, yourself, your classmate, or whoever and the images and sound stays linked together. Now that’s what I call smart collaboration.

Grab this app now for your iPhone so you can spend less time sifting through a sea of papers and more time at your favorite DC nightclubs.