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Let the Music be Your Drink Guide

Let the Music be Your Drink Guide

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Post Date: November 11, 2011


A new website, Drinkify offers drinking suggestions based on what music you are listening to.

Throw back some drinks, but make sure you are listening to the right tunes and heading to the right party!

The drink recommendations are served up by connecting, the Echo Nest (which provides terms and genres as well as speed for artists’ tracks), and a proprietary drink database, according to the webapp’s developers.

Drinkify also plays music in the background while suggesting drink recipes.  Some of the suggestions make sense: whiskey and Johnny Cash, for example, yet others seem perplexing to say the least.

Based on all of Panorama and Glow’s upcoming events, we came up with your drink lists for each night. Now you know where to go and what to drink.

“The Sebastian Ingrosso”

2 oz. Vodka,

Serve neat.

FUR 11/23/11

“The Pleasurekraft”

10 oz. Sipsmith Gin.

Serve neat.

Lima 11/24/11

“The DJ Enferno”

8 oz. Tequila Oro,  8 oz. Tomato juice.

Ultrabar 11/25/11

“The Thomas Gold”

8 oz. Vodka, 8 oz. Coco López, 4 oz. Grenadine.

Josephine 11/25/11

“The Nervo”

6 oz. Damson Gin,

Serve neat. Garnish with olive.

Lima 12/1/11

“The Chachi”

8 oz. Cough syrup, 8 oz. Apricot Brandy, Serve on rocks.

Garnish with wedge of watermelon.

Ultrabar 12/2/11

“The Arno Cost”

8 oz. Vodka

Serve neat.

Josephine 12/2/11

“The AN21” & “The Max Vangeli”

“The AN21”-10 oz. Gin, Serve neat.

“The Max Vangeli”- 6 oz. Marijuana, Serve neat.

FUR 12/3/11

“The Fedde Le Grand”

10 oz. Vodka

Serve neat. Garnish with national flag.

Lima 12/8/11

“The Josh Wink”

12 oz. Red Bull, 12 oz. Absinthe, 12 oz. Honey

Stir vigorously. Combine in highball glass and serve. Garnish with pickled carrot sticks.

Josephine 12/9/11

“The DJ PS1”

1 oz. Beefeater Gin, 1 oz. Rose’s lime juice

Combine in highball glass and serve.

Ultrabar 12/9/11

“The Myon” & “The Shane 54”

“The Myon”6 oz. Ecstasy, Serve on rocks. Stir quickly.

“The Shane 54” – 2 oz. Marijuana,  2 oz. Ginger Ale, Combine in highball glass and serve.

FUR 12/10/11

“Hernan Cattaneo”

4 oz. Vodka, 4 oz. Rose’s lime juice, 8 oz. Coco López.

Combine in highball glass and serve.

Lima 12/15/11

“The Roger Sanchez”

2 oz. Vodka, 2 oz. Tomato juice, 10 oz. Damson Gin.

Combine in shaker and strain into cocktail glass. Serve. Garnish with twist of grapefruit.

Josephine 12/16/11

“The Ferry Corsten”

2 oz. Marijuana

Serve neat. Garnish with salt.

FUR 12/17/11

“The George Acosta” & “The Pete Moutso”

“The George Acosta” -8 oz. Vodka. Serve neat. Stir quickly. Garnish with national flag.

“The Pete Moutso” – 1 oz. Ouzo. Serve neat. Garnish with sugar.

Josephine 12/23/11

“The Laidback Luke”

2 oz. Vodka, 2 oz. Sweetened lime juice, 8 oz. Ice Cream.

Combine in highball glass and serve. Stir quickly. Garnish with pepper.

FUR 12/29/11