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Let’s get Slutty- Halloween’s Sexiest Costumes

Let’s get Slutty- Halloween’s Sexiest Costumes

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Post Date: October 10, 2012

Halloween means goblins and ghosts, trick or treats, carving pumpkins, and …..errrr….dressing like huge sluts!

It’s the natural female Halloween costume metamorphosis most girl’s experience.  The sudden transformation from puffy pumpkin garb to fairy princess to Hannah Montana to full on slut gear occurs in most girls maturation and what better time to leave your inhibitions at the door, turn that everyday profession into a slutty one and hit the streets, or one of the many Halloween parties in DC in your scandalous costume.
A Woman in Uniform

Everyone knows these classic looks. It’s super simple, can be found at most costume stores and be made super slutty. These options don’t say much for your imagination, but they still command attention. After all who wouldn’t stop at that DUI check point on Halloween night for a sexy Police Officer?!?!

Sexy Halloween Costumes

Campus Cool

Youth is king and it’s most guys fantasy to have their girl dress up as a sexy school girl, or fulfill your nerdy boyfriend’s desire with a cheerleader costume, since he was never so lucky in high school.  These looks are easy to come by in any costume shop or online, but also easy to create with items you may also have at home. Squeeze into your HS cheerleader uniform or whip out that old catholic school jumper and a pair of hipster black glasses with pigtails and it’s a cheap DIY Halloween!

Halloween Costume

Animal Magnetism

Usually animals are not described as sexy. But somehow faux fur, a set of wings, or cheeky ears do the trick.  Hopefully your date won’t have to walk behind you with a pooper scooper. Perhaps the easiest DIY- grab a leotard and some animal ears and voila! You can also go all out and get a fancy one online or in the store.

Sexy Halloween Costume

Moral Dilemmas

Cliche? Yes! But in a pinch it’s an easy go to costume. Even CVS sells a simple horn or halo look you can easily pair with some red or white lingerie.

Sexy Halloween Costume

Barely There

If you have not hit the gym in the last decade this is probably not the look you want, but body paint can sometimes look as real as the real thing. The trick is finding an “artist” who can properly apply the paint for a long lasting realistic look.

Sexy Halloween Costume

Fun with Fur

Josie Stevens (wife of rocker Steve Stevens) has a line of costumes called Josie Loves J Valentine which has been popping up in nightclubs and EDM festivals everywhere. These furry animals get ups can be worn in pieces, or as a set, and will definitely get some attention.

Josie Halloween Costumes

Vial Vixens

With the simple addition of fake blood, any classic costume can be made into a gruesome one. After all Halloween isn’t supposed to be all sugar and spice!

Bloody Halloween Csotumes

Wrong Turn

Somewhere along the production line, costumers took a wrong turn into the politically incorrect arena. Some of these sexified costumes are just wrong, racist, or flirt too deeply with the line of a pedophile. Watch out or your Halloween may be more trick than treat!

Halloween Costumes 2012

Where can you find these looks and much more? Some great sites for online costumes hunting are listed below!