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Look Like Millions, Spend Only Hundreds

Look Like Millions, Spend Only Hundreds

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Post Date: July 07, 2012

Rock a $1000 Dress Every Weekend
Contributing Writer Amanda Hanowitz

designer dress rentals“Ugh, I have absolutely nothing to wear.” says girl staring at a closet filled with options. “Everyone has seen all of these outfits. And that one’s a definite no ’cause I was just tagged in it. Too soon.”

We’ve all been there. We have an endless amount of clothing for every occasion, yet nothing at the same time.

Ever wish you could buy an outfit for one occasion and return it right after?

Wish you could just rent an outfit instead of paying those over-the-top prices?

What if we told you this is all possible? That your dream of rocking 4-figure dresses every weekend is a reality… This dream come true is called Rent the Runway, and it is genius.

Herve Leger dresses, so damn expensive, and for what? A bandage dress that hugs you in way too many places? But, ugh, they’re beautifully made and hug in all the right places. These dresses can cost thousands.

“I don’t need a dress for that price, especially if I am only wearing it once,” you sigh. “I guess I’ll just substitute this beautiful masterpiece of a dress with a lesser, tacky version from a cheap online site.”


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Rent the Runway offers designer dresses that cost thousands of dollars for the small price of $200! You get to rock the dress of your dreams, look smokin’ hot, not break the bank, and no one will know.

The long list of designers on this site is truly mind-blowing and will keep you with endless options of attire for any occasion. Browse dresses, shoes and accessories by Alice + Olivia, BCBG, Herve Leger, House of Harlow, Dolce and Gabanna, DANNIJO, Matthew Williamson, Vera Wang, and more!

It gets better!

Rent the Runway sends you a backup size for free! Feeling bloated? Order a size up, too. Feeling frisky? Order a size down to boot. The possibilities are endless, really.

Unleash your inner model, rock the on the runway looks right off the runway, and rent your way to inexpensive bliss. Look like a million bucks, but spend only hundreds.