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Most Annoying Things Girls Do

Most Annoying Things Girls Do

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Post Date: March 03, 2013

Cut the crap ladies!

There wouldn’t be so many memes about the annoying shit we do if it wasn’t true! If your’e still watching Sex & The City  with the only men in your life Ben&Jerry every night.. maybe you should look over this list and make some changes in your life.

1. Blab Attack

If you haven’t realized it yet, he isn’t listening. Ladies admit it, we talk way too much and usually about useless crap he doesn’t even care about. Unless the words food or boobs are involved, his attention is elsewhere. I mean who really cares about which TriDelt got with all the new Pike pledges anyway, just shut up!

2. Makeup Overload

Unless you’re going to the club, do you really need an hour just for makeup everyday? If the rain ruins your face or your face doesn’t match your neck.. you should probably tone it down. It isn’t sexy and takes way too much time so just stop. No guy wants to get stuck to your lipgloss and that should’ve stopped in high school anyway.

3. Stupidity isn’t Sexy

The only reason a guy would ever pretend to not be annoyed by your ditziness is if he is hoping you’re dumb enough to sleep with him. Seriously girls, if you’re not stupid why would you pretend to be? Smart is sexy. But if you want to keep getting with the same losers that never call you back, go ahead, I’m sure that’s going well for ya.




4. Clingy Creepers

There are too many memes to describe this one. It’s simple, give him space. No two people should spend every waking minute together, soon everything about them will just annoy you. If he hasn’t texted you in an hour.. relax, he is probably  showering. And besides, everyone knows the old phrase “absence makes the heart grow fonder”.






5. There’s No Crying In Baseball

Just stop complaining: “I’m hot, I’m cold, I’m hungry, I wish I looked like her” WAH WAH WAHHH! Guys don’t care about every little thing you’re feeling so don’t bother voicing them.



6. Eating Rabbit Food

Eating a salad in front of him isn’t going to magically make you look like Kate Upton so just get the freaking burger. Guys like meat, end of story. If you plan on spending time with him that means you’ll probably be cooking for him so cut the whole crash diet crap and just eat some meat!