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Must-Have Winter Accessories for the Ladies

Must-Have Winter Accessories for the Ladies

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Post Date: December 12, 2012

Ladies, Go Buy Now: Winter Accessories!
Contributing Writer Amanda Hanowitz

Contrary to Mayan belief, we’re alive. Yay! So why not live our fapocalypse (fake apocalypse) free days in style? Time to vacation, time to twirl around or just time to face the cold weather head-on.

Why head-on? Because the tundra’s coming and you better be prepared, furry hat and all.
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You’re used to style alerts and cues on how to hook up while out for a night clubbing in DC, but why not explore how to land a man or lady friend during daylight hours?

Sweaty club makeout sessions do not always lead to coffee dates… or anything in many cases. Sorry to be blunt.

This whole ‘daytime’ thing may sound crazy but let’s take it for a spin. Bundle up in your comfy scarfs, mittens and furry pom pom hats and allow your outfit to speak for itself. Only this time your outfit will be saying, “Come on over, come on over baby. I can warm you up. Jump into my fur coat.” Or something like that.

Where can I find the best winter accessories???

best women's scarves 2013
As a Free People-obsessed lady, it is hard for me to discourage the fact that their selection of winter accessories is to die for.

A huge necessity for the cold is an eternity scarf. What could be better than something you wrap around your neck that also promises commitment and a long-lasting bond? Its commitment is warmth, so commit to this scarf. Anthropologie also kills it with its selection.

If you’re a dude looking for a fancy beanie to cover your dome, look no further than American Apparel or Urban Outfitters. They have fancy styles to last all freaking winter long.

Oh… we forgot the best part. Not only do these accessories keep you warm in the brutal winter months, but they also make you trendy. YES, trendy! Our main goal in life. So, DC lovin’ friends, go forth in your eternity scarves, fingerless gloves and hats that sound like vegetables (beanie?) because winter is waiting for your arrival.
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