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No One Likes a Sweaty Girl

No One Likes a Sweaty Girl

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Post Date: May 05, 2012

Don’t sweat it! The topknot is here to help.
Contributing Writer Amanda Hanowitz

how to stop sweaty hair for girlsThink of a night clubbing in DC. What comes to mind? Screaming, dancing and hanging with your friends. What about sweating?

If sweating doesn’t enter your mind, I’m not entirely sure what kind of clubs you go to.

Sweating at the club is inevitable. It’s like feeling guilty after eating too many cupcakes: shit happens naturally. It’s all too familiar… You’re having a great time with your friends and you start to sweat a little. Totally acceptable. Then a little turns into a lot. Now you’re dripping.

how to wear a topknotIt’s no fun for anyone. You’re drenched and people are staring. At the very least your hair is sticking to your face. It’s really not a cute look.

What if we told you there is a trendy solution for the sweats? A way to keep your wetness in check.

Step 1: Deodorant. But that’s not what we mean, silly party people.

Step 2: Try the topknot.

You may be asking yourself, “What the F***’s a topknot??!”

top•knot [top-not]

1. A sleek and chic ballet bun that one can plop on top of her head to remain cool. Cool as in trendy, but also as in free of heat!
2. Thinking you’re the sh*t… but you’re not. See: Douchey girl photo poses. Obnoxious things people do in the club. Guys who order chick drinks.

Lauren Conrad Whitney Port hairTopknots are all the rage these days, just ask Lauren Conrad or Whitney Port. These ladies know how to plop that knot on top of their heads, making them look all carefree and stuff.

Interested yet? You should be.

You may be one of those people who wants options for their hair. Maybe you hate the idea of a sleek bun on top of your head. Fear no more! There are many different ways to go about the topknot.

  • The Ballet Bun – This should be familiar for the ladies who used to do ballet. This is your typical ballerina bun: tight, sleek, and compact.
  • The Messy Topknot aka The Fun Bun – The messier, carefree version of the ballet bun. The greatest part about this is you can do it once you get to the club. That’s right, you can enter the club with wild and free flowing hair but leave a topknotted professional.

So next time you’re feeling down and just a little bit overheated, remember, don’t sweat it, the topknot is here to help.