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Obnoxious Things People Do in Nightclubs

Obnoxious Things People Do in Nightclubs

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Post Date: March 03, 2012

Please Stop Doing These in DC Clubs

Ok, you’re not going to a Polo match with the Queen of England, but please control yourself!
Avoid these obnoxious urges and you will be a model of proper club etiquette!
Body Shots

Body ShotTequila? Check. Lime? Check. Belly lint? Check.

Hell yeah, it’s 1999 spring break in Daytona all over again!

“Excuse me! Can all you customers please remove your drinks from the bar so I can lay down and have rail tequila poured in my naval while my dirty feet stink up your face? Kthanks!”

Holding Everybody’s Hands in Your Group

Couples? Ok. But not the Holding Hands in a linegroup of 8 that’s lined up like they’re about to do the bunny hop.

Your linked train that’s pushing through the club and ignorantly bulldozing guests NEEDS TO GO!

“Red Rover, Red Rover, send douche bag on over!”

Bathroom Stall Gang Bang

Crowded Bathroom StallNot since infancy should going to the bathroom ever be a two-person sport.

Bathroom twosomes or threesomes can only mean:

1. Something’s going up your nose – that’s illegal!
2. You’re hooking up – get a room!
3. You’re throwing up – know your limit!

Holding Up the Line at the Bar

Group at BarNothing is more annoying that the customer who takes FOREVER at a crowded bar.

These snails never know what they want to order, never have their money ready, and never get out of the way!

Check out The Worst Ways to Order a Drink!

Taking Off Your Shoes

Barefoot in the clubYou are NOT at the beach!

Taking off your shoes is gross: club floors are often be littered with trash, glass, sticky drinks, and unsavory bodily fluids.

No need to share your athlete’s foot or put your dirty shoes on the bar next to someone’s drink!

Stealing from the Bathroom Attendant

Isn’t stealing a lesson every child’s supposed to learn?

The bathroom attendant deals with drunk hoards every night. Why? Cuz everyone has to pee!

Attendants usually offer guests candy, gum, hair spray, perfume, and it’s NOT FREE! Show some respect and tip!

Hair Whipping

Willow Smith Hair WhipCool it, Willow Smith!

You might think it looks sexy but when you’re sweating like a pig on the dance floor, your hair is more like a wet towel.

Please keep your dandruff flakes to yourself.

Dry Humping

Dry Humping in the clubWhile dancing is a natural part of clubbing…

…some people take it to the level of soft-core porn and might be better suited at the Motel 6 than a dance floor!

At this rate, fingering and hand jobs on the dance floor may as well be the new industry standard (you know you’ve seen it)!


Shirtless in ClubFire Island – Go for it! In DC, this is just unacceptable.

Summertime: Outdoor events. Why not?

DC nightclubs: No. Save it for Chip n Dales.

Excessive Glow Sticking

Glow StickGlow sticks are nearly synonymous with clubbing. In spite of this, there’s still a big difference between small glow stick accessories and obnoxious glow stick weaponry.

Glow stick nunchucks = epileptic seizure!

The last thing you want to say in the ER:

“I got a assaulted by a translucent plastic tube containing isolated substances that, when combined, make light through chemiluminescence.”