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Proof That Models Are Not Real Humans

Proof That Models Are Not Real Humans

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Post Date: November 11, 2013

No, we’re not talking about fake Facebook models. Unfortunately they’re all too real

Found on George Takei’s Facebook Page (aka the best Facebook page EVER) and reposted via, a video titled ‘the power of Adobe Photoshop’ shows in 37 seconds how powerful the graphic design tool truly is.

fake model photoshop

A time-lapse video from start to finish of a model posing, having her hair and makeup done, being photographed and then that photograph being photoshopped… is proof that the models you see in the media are in fact, not human.

The bigger issue is obviously how society has subconsciously forced women to believe that they are never attractive enough. But at the end of the day – no woman – not even the actual model in the photo – is attractive as the cartoon you’re comparing yourself to. So ladies – this goes out to you: Don’t stress so hard about looking beautiful. Because you’ll never be as pretty as a professionally photoshopped model. As you can see above, neither is the actual model.

Someone, somewhere is now trying to figure out how to sue Adobe for their friend, relative or client’s depression, anorexia and/or low self-esteem. Feels like these days low self-esteem perpetuated by media and educational facades is an actual condition, no?

And this, friends, is why being awesome at Photoshop is something you want in on. We’re always on the look out for interns skilled in making people look hotter than they actually are. If you’re interested (in graphic design or becoming hotter) drop us a line at 🙂