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Rocker-Chic Fashion You Can Hurt Creepy Guys With

Rocker-Chic Fashion You Can Hurt Creepy Guys With

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Post Date: September 09, 2012

Ladies, Go Buy Now: Studs
Contributing Writer Amanda Hanowitz

Studs are all the rage these days. Everywhere you look there’s a stud placed on some article of clothing. It started with accessories and has made its way to clothing and even shoes.

Feeling bored? Buy some studs and attach them to any garment you choose. DIY till we die.

chuck's with studsThe age old question you ask yourself is, “How can this trend apply to me?” Well, in more ways than one.

  • Rocking out with your studs out in DC will ensure instant popularity.
  • Studs make you seem edgy, a great boost if you don’t qualify as an edgy individual.
    They can toughen up any simple outfit and add a bit of grunge to any girly ensemble.
  • Sport studs on your collar.
  • Try them on your pants pockets.
  • Try them on your shoes.

This trend is unbelievable. There are countless ways to wear it and look edgy and rocker-chic.

How many of you go out with your gal pals and just want to dance and have a good fucking time? That should be all of you. My next question is, how many creeps try to dance on you when you’re just trying to be carefree?

The solution here is studs. Your outfit can help you ward off these creeps by doubling as a weapon. Studs are pointy, people. You can be a fun-loving, trendy chick who’s head to toe in studs, thus protecting herself against strange men. What could be better?

how to put studs on women's clothing

The key to studded perfection is to use it as an accent. Pop your studded collar. Throw your studded iPhone in the air. Get low in your studded skinny jean pockets. Stand tall in your studded sneaks.

Time to be a stud, ladies.

Check out this studded collection on Nasty Gal. Or maybe start with these killer, studded shorts on Free People.