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Sirius Satellite 2.0 to Rule Them All?

Sirius Satellite 2.0 to Rule Them All?

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Post Date: August 08, 2011

Sirius XM Satellite Radio


Everyone loves music, but that’s just about the only thing everyone agrees on. Some people like top 40, some hip-hop, country, rock, and so many more. But most don’t like every song in even their favorite category. In many cases a song has just played too many times and everyone gets sick of it. iPods and new cellphones help this but make it hard to discover new music. Tens of thousands of songs fit in the palm of your hand but only if you know what songs you want.

Pandora is a revolutionary idea that solves this problem. Creating your own stations and voting up or down helps customize an experience just for you and the ability to skip songs allows for better listening overall. However, the Pandora quality is dependent upon internet connectivity and, in many cases, how much data you want to burn through on your cell phone.

Sirius Satellite Application

Satellite radio made an appearance a few years ago in the form of two competitors Sirius and XM. Since then, the two have merged and create a great combination with many channels to choose from; from country music, to Howard Stern, to Eminem radio, Satellite seems to have it all. The best part is all you need is a line of sight to the sky. This means that anywhere in the US people can experience a variety of music no matter how small the town they’re in. What’s the downside then? None of these stations can currently be customized or listened to on demand. That is all about to change.

SXM 2.0 (SeriousXM 2.0) is the next generation of satellite radio and will be available by the end of the year. SXM 2 is live radio, well mostly. It will include new on-demand options for select shows, similar to the way updated television works. Howard Stern on demand perhaps? Get ready America. But on demand is just the start. DVR-like features may include hours of pause, rewind, and fast-forward functions.

Imagine a physical radio that thinks for you like Pandora. Enter the true heart of SXM 2. How will it work? By voting up and down on songs the radio will learn which songs you do and don’t like and will start creating custom stations for the individual. Tune into these stations and even skip songs you don’t like. Expect the new and improved satellite radio by the end of the year, most likely late fall. New vehicles will most likely begin including the technology for the 2013 model year.