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Summer Fashion Trends

Summer Fashion Trends

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Post Date: April 04, 2013

Okay so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the weather has finally just taken a giant leap towards beautiful weather and away from those cold breezy days, now what to wear?!



Hi Lows:  This trend has become big recently. Its like the dress form of a mullet, but reversed; Business in the back, party in the front. Nothing better to cover up your cellulite that a sheer long layer in the back but still showing off your legs in the front!





ciara-rihanna-emma-cutout-dressCut Outs:

This trend has been around for a while now but still always a must for warm weather. When the sun heats up shirts and dresses with cut outs is the best way to show off a little skin and avoid sweating as much as possible!










Okay so there’s no change of pace here, wedges are pretty much always a must for summer. They’re the easiest form of heels to walk in and show off your toned legs you’ve been working on all winter.






High Risers:

You used to think pants coming any higher than 3 inches below your belly button was for moms only but this trend from the 70’s has been on the rise for a while. They’re perfect for hiding love handles or that muffin top you are still working on getting rid of. These shorts are a must have for all those summer festivals coming up when you want to keep it casual but still look hot.

colour block trend


Okay time to get rid of all those drabby browns, greys and blacks and put some color into your wardrobe. No better way to get that guys attention you’ve been eyeing all semester than to throw on some obnoxious neons and bright colors.


What Not To Wear!


Sneaker Heels:

The look is just too hard to pull off for most plain Janes considering that most of them are poorly designed and have way too much going on. The “wedge” in most of them is so insignificantly small, why even bother?




Patchwork Shorts:

Dear God if you ever fell for this trend a few summers back, I surely hope that you’ve had the sense to trash or burn them by now. This pattern isn’t even flattering on the hottest girls there are.



Camo Print:

The phrase “getting down and dirty” is not to be taken literally. Unless you are crawling in the mud like a little Army man, do not wear camo!





Paisley Prints:

Lily Pulitzer is crazy for trying to make females think this design looks good on anything but folders. Paisley is meant to be reserved only for your grandmother’s ugly tablecloth, not your body.