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The Air Down There: The Art of the Sundress

The Air Down There: The Art of the Sundress

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Post Date: July 07, 2011

The city streets are sizzling with record high temperatures.

Leaving the comforts of home means getting smacked in the face with an industrial strength hair dryer of heat.

For those who work, go to school, or don’ t have a sugar daddy with a swimming pool and servants, stripping down is your only option.

Washington D.C. isn’t Miami Beach; you can’ t just go trolling around in your thong bikini to pick up some groceries or go to lunch. So, short of being naked, sundresses are a viable option to keep you and your nether regions cool, comfortable, and if chosen correctly, cute.

Sundress Victoria's Secret Washington DC nightlife

Vibrant colors during the day and a refined look in the evening are sundress do's.


  • Try a vibrant color or pattern
  • Wear an appropriate length for age and body type
  • Dress it up for a night out
  • Mix it up with a belt or chain accessories
  • Show of your best assets- be it a great halter to show off your back or an appropriate mini for your newly spray tanned stems!


You're not going camping with third graders, are you?


  • Wear a tent
  • Confuse a nightgown or beach cover-up with a dress
  • Forget the appropriate undergarments
  • Look age inappropriate with a baby doll dress channeling Courtney Love
  • Go all Jersey with multiple animal prints at once (watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey and do the opposite)



Affordable summer sundress shopping:

Victoria’ s Secret Online | H&M | American Apparel | Guess | Forever 21 (nice, but will fall apart in wash)