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The Best Brand is No Brand: MM

The Best Brand is No Brand: MM

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Post Date: July 07, 2011

The invisible icon.

    Maison Martin Margiela photograph

    Featured in a 2008 NY Times article, this may be the only photograph in existence of the fashion world's invisible icon. It's thought to have been taken circa 1997

  • You won’t see him on the runway, bowing after a fashion show.
  • Prior to a NY Times spread in 2008, you wouldn’t have found any photographs of Belgian fashion designer Maison Martin Margiela.
  • Media contact existed through fax.

In fact, you may never see him period. The ultra discreet fashion icon slowly removed himself from the world of design during the end of the 200X’s.

But his vision lives on.

Sunglasses by maison martin margiela

Defining style

The MM brand was acquired by Diesel in 2002. After Margiela’s departure, the position of creative director remained vacant. He’s there but he’s not. And the name lives on.

The brand’s goal is to remain at least five years ahead of the curve at all times, maintaining a minimalist design without logo/brand recognition.

Being that it’s summer in Washington DC, instead of profiling a ton of various luxury brand sunglasses we wanted to show you the best of the best. Of course, the MM brand features some of the highest-end clothing in the world as well, if you can afford it!

Of course, if you want to purchase any of this stuff, you have to do it in person in NY, Miami, Beverly Hills, Europe or Asia.

Margiela's fashion lines have driven countless high-end trends for decades