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The DC Nightclub Workout Guide

The DC Nightclub Workout Guide

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Post Date: April 04, 2012

DC Clubbing Guide on How to Party Off the Pounds

Drink too much this winter and have a beer belly?

Need to get rid of that spare tire or muffin top?

Is your party schedule too busy to be bothered by countless hours at the gym?
Before squeezing into your barely-there bikini or banana hammock for a summer pool party, read this and learn how to drop some extra weight without losing your social swagger!
Nightclub Workout Parties

Nightclub WorkoutThe new generation of Richard Simmons workouts – only much hipper!

A new crop of parties is hitting nightclubs across America. These workouts mix all the aspects of a nightclub – disco balls, party favors, lasers, hot music, and a chance to meet other ‘clubbers’ while burning a reported 600-700 calories.

Classes have yet to hit the DC club circuit, however workout DVD’s can get you going until DC catches up with the trend!

Salsa Lessons

Salsa DancingWish you didn’t eat that infant-sized burrito? that was the size of an infant?

Several DC clubs like Lima Lounge, Café Citron, Lucky Bar, and Clarendon Grill (VA) offer salsa dancing lessons.

Plus, the next time you’re skipping the border into Tijuana for illegal prescription drugs and sawed off shotguns, you can stylishly grab a margarita and show the locals your moves!

Sweat It Out

DancerThank you, Global Warming!

DC nightlife can be hot and sweaty in the summer, so strip down and sweat off the pounds.

Just be sure to keep hydrated, or your next trip may be to the ER instead of the beach.

Mud Wrestling

Mud WrestlingA good ol’ fashion mud wrestling can do wonders!

Close those giant pores

Work out your aggression

Tone your limbs

Though Jello and Pudding have overtaken mud as popular forms of wrestling sludge, just take this one to the backyard!

Ride A Bull

Bull RidingMechanical bull riding as a “club sport” has popped up in bars all across the states.

This takes some serious thigh muscles.

Not willing to pop a squat on top the beast?

No problem! Your stomach muscles will surely get a workout from laughing at the cowboy wannabes!

Check out the action at Cadillac Ranch at the National Harbour.

Shake Your Booty

Dancing at the ClubYou don’t need to be smooth or have any serious dance moves to do this.

Just dance like nobody’s watching!

Fist pump with your drink in hand (think hand weights)…

…or double fist your drinks for extra progress!

Switch Your Brew

Light Beer GirlsNo need to add more to that jiggly beer belly and risk looking like a beached whale.

Try a light version of your favorite brew.

Thanks to a computer nerd at Northwestern, there’s a complete list of the “11 Best Beers To Get You Drunk But Not Make You Fat”.

Good thing that college degree was put to some use!

Skip the Sugary Drinks

Skinny Girl MargaritaSome summer drinks are as bad and shoving a dozen Big Macs into your gut.

Pina Colada …say hello to your new ass!

Strawberry Daiquiri …oh yes please, I’ll take some saddlebags!

Long Island Iced Tea …nothing like a muffin top!

Seek out the less fattening versions of your favorites, like the Skinny Girl Margarita (you know, that obnoxious b***h from The ‘Real’ Housewives of New York City who just got $100 million from Jim Beam to buy out her brand).

Explore the Club

Walking down stairs at NightclubClubs like Ultrabar have several levels, so go exploring!

Climbing those stairs works that a$$!

Try stepping exercises on the tables and couches!

Raise your drink in the air…

Shake that bottle like you just don’t care!

Pole Dance Class

Pole DancingDiscover your inner slut with some pole dancing lessons.

Tone your arms and legs


Score you some extra points in the bedroom

Who knows, maybe you can even moonlight as the real thing and pay for your summer getaway!

Classes have cropped up all over the DC metro area:

Jordin’s Paradise (1121 7th St NW, DC), Pole Pressure (1111 14th St NW, DC), Balance Gym (1111 14th St NW, DC), The P Spot (518 10th St NE, DC), Diva Fit (4080 Lafayette Center Dr Suite 210C,Chantilly, VA), Chic Physique (4931 Saint Elmo Avenue, Bethesda, MD).