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The Floral Girly Trend… for Grown-Ups

The Floral Girly Trend… for Grown-Ups

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Post Date: August 08, 2012

Unleash Your Inner Flower Child
Contributing Writer Amanda Hanowitz

As ladies, I’m sure you grew up with a keen eye and liking for all things floral. If you were anything like me, your girly stage took a turn for the worse and Mom found you on the floor taking scissors to every floral piece you’d ever owned. If you’re on top of what’s new (or have class), your girly flare may (should have) done a 360.

kids outside flower dress
Let’s face it, all guys really want to see is you in a tight black dress. Well… sucks for them because you’ve got style. Let’s focus on ourselves and unleashing our inner children with the help of the floral girly trend.

A look that may be familiar to you is the ever popular floral crown. Or what we shall call, for all intensive purposes, the “I rock flowers on my head, but don’t call me a flower head” look.

women's floral crowns

This flower crown is oh so trendy, adds interest to your gorgeous locks and can be made at home! All you need is some ribbon and a garden. Or some fake flowers and a glue gun, whatever floats your boat.
(From Free People: floral head band, fiona halo, braid halo, mulberry rose crown)

Not into putting shit in your hair? No problem, how about putting shit on your legs? Just kidding, we mean rocking the floral trend on your pants instead of your head!

women's flower print jeans

Try some floral skinny jeans in a bright hue or regular jean. This will instantly add interest to your lower half so you needn’t overdo the top. Keep it simple and wear a plain top to accentuate your fab flowers.
(From Free People: floral ankle crop, denim cutoff)

Flowers are awesome but don’t deck out your whole bod. Keep this trend simple and sport it on one section of your body at a time.

Wanna be hardcore? Rock the skinny jeans and the crown all at once, but do not, I repeat, do not rock flowers on every crevice of your body. Then people will call you a flower head, but this time with the word crack as an antecedent. (translation for dummies: crackhead).

In conclusion, revert yourselves back to the good old days when mommy picked out your outfit and at least one aspect of said outfit was clad in flowers.

Be a chill flower child, unleash your inner girly flower girl.