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The Playstation Droid has Arrived!

The Playstation Droid has Arrived!

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Post Date: July 07, 2011

It’s a Droid, it’s a Playstation, it’s The Xperia PLAY

This Playstation certified Droid smartphone has a touch screen and a pull-out controller that lets you play your favorite games in stereo sound on a 4″ touch screen!

The Playstation

The controller has all the features of the classic Playstation controller – which has always been the best! Shoulder buttons, your classic square, circle, x and triangle buttons.

The 4″ touch screen features 3D graphics powered a Snapdragon processor – that’s a good thing!

8 gigs included, 32 available
Preloaded Games:
Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior | Crash Bandicoot Madden 2011 | The Sims 3 | Star Battalion Tetris

Available at Launch:
Assassins Creed | BackStab | Brothers in Arms: Global Front | Dungeon Defenders | FIFA 10
Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock | Modern Combat: Black | Pegasus | Need for Speed SHIFT | NOVA 2
Reckless Racing | Real Football 2011 | Spiderman Total Mayhem

Google and the Droid Interface

Using the new Gingerbread operating system, the Playstation phone spreads smooth like butter!

The google voice search option actually recognizes what you say! No repeating yourself. Google maps are the best, we all know that. All you have to do is tell the phone where you want to go and it will spit out a map. We’ve tried, it works!

Easily sync with your gmail (or any other) account.


With over 200,000 apps available, the Xperia PLAY is cool with you playing Angry Birds instead of Madden 2012.

The built in YouTube app allows instant uploading so the whole world can see your friends falling down!


The 5.1 megapixel camera can face either way. Take a shot of what you’re looking at or flip it around to take photo/video of yourself! Geo-tag so your friends know where you are, or don’t so you can remain incognito.

You don’t need an iPhone or an iPod to have your music with you. The Android Xperia has you covered! Plug in your headphones and get moving.
For more information on the Playstation phone, the Android XPERIA Play and everything you need to know about video game phones please visit