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Top 10 Best EDM-Related Films On Netflix and Amazon Prime

Top 10 Best EDM-Related Films On Netflix and Amazon Prime

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Post Date: January 01, 2018

As of January 2018, roughly 1/4 of American adults have cut the cord, deciding to leave cable TV behind to subscribe to cable-similar streaming content services. Amazon Prime and Netflix are arguably the two most dominant of these, with roughly 50 million people likely subscribing to one or both services. As well, in North America alone, we’re aware that there’s anywhere from the 30,000 people who annually attend Baltimore’s Moonrise Festival or a half-million total visitors to Las Vegas’ Electric Daisy Carnival. Somewhere between all of these numbers, we’re quite sure that there’s a great reason to provide a list of the top ten EDM-related films streaming on Amazon Prime and Netflix.

From classic re-tellings of the wild history of electronic music culture to inspirational tales of the careers of some of our favorite DJ/producers, plus films that provide an entertaining take on life in and around our favorite music and scenes, there’s something here for everyone. Enjoy!

10. Loving Ibiza

(click here NETFLIX)

Netflix is available in over 190 countries, which means that if you’re an EDM fanatic wanting to get an on-the-ground or general sense of what a scene looks, feels, and acts like pretty much anywhere in the world, it’s possible in film form. 2013-released Dutch film and TV series Loving Ibiza, which Netflix acquired the rights to in 2016.

The plot of the show that occurs on dance music’s most legendary “White Isle” is listed as follows: “Dutch ex-pats and tourists — including a single dad and his kids, a famous DJ and a heartbroken waitress — work, play and fall in love on Ibiza.” While it’s likely that moments like these did not happen to every single person who ever visited Space, we can tell you that none other than Armin van Buuren is a frequent guest on the TV series version of the popular franchise. Did the mere mention of his name make you want to hear A State of Trance 2017? Of course, if you click that link, we have you covered!

9. Keys To The VIP

(click here for AMAZON PRIME)

Amazon Prime is available in 200+ countries, which means that similar to Netflix if you were looking for “on-the-scene” views about EDM-related nightlife, there are treasures aplenty on the service. Keys To The VIP is a hilarious “game show” about nights out at mega nightclubs, in this case in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Amazingly, what happens “in the six” (Yes, stream Drake RIGHT HERE) is the same as what tends to happen in the DC Metropolitan area and pretty much anywhere else worldwide!


(click here for NETFLIX) 

Have you ever been a guy or girl who was a DJ that won a contest to play at an EDM festival? Did you ever have just the wildest time trying to make it to the stage to play your set? Even worse, did you meet someone while getting ready to play said gig and wonder if they would remember meeting you? No? Yes? This isn’t everyone’s experience at a dance festival, but for  Sarah Hyland — the star both XOXO and Amazon Prime’s re-make of Dirty Dancing — this is exactly what happened and makes for an uplifting film that leaves a smile on your face.

7. Glory Daze

(click here for AMAZON PRIME)

The name Michael Alig might not ring a bell to anyone who’s a fan of modern clubbing, but in New York City’s iconic 1990s, he was one of the “club kids” responsible for evolving underground electronic music culture into the mainstream festival monstrosity it is today. Though not as shockingly graphic as Alig-related 2003 film Party Monster, it’s still a candid documentary look at a wild, fun, and epic age for techno, hardstyle, and still-renowned late-night ragers.

6. 808

(click here for AMAZON PRIME)

50+ DJs and producers discussing the iconic Roland 808 drum machine that’s inspired pretty much every single techno, electro, hip-hop, and bass-booming dance hit of the past 40 years? Yeah. From David Guetta to Diplo and from A-Trak to Pharrell, plus more, the gang’s all here. This one is as much a historical document as it is a quickly paced showcase of probably all of our favorite tune makers, well, ever!

5. Reincarnated

(click here for NETFLIX)

2012 was a wild time. Hot off the success of his solo EDM work and global bass banger creation with production unit Major Lazer, Diplo departed for Jamaica to record a reggae album with Snoop Dogg. That sounds nuts, right? Well, add to it the idea that Snoop Dogg was *reincarnated* as Snoop LION and adapted his hip-hop presentation to include Rastafarianism and it gets even stranger. Diplo and Snoop Dogg spend a significant amount of time together in this documentary recap of the creation of the album. If you haven’t seen it before, it’s a definite must-watch. While you’re at it, click here to listen to the Reincarnated album.

4. Saturday Night Fever

(click here for AMAZON PRIME)

The story of Brooklynite Tony Manero and his disco dancing friends has proven, four-plus decades later, to be as timeless as it is entertaining. While yes, John Travolta’s steps on the dancefloor may not win you any dance contests or audiences with ladies or gentlemen in the nightclub, the film is still absolutely so much fun. The soundtrack for Saturday Night Fever (available for streaming here) is one of the greatest selling albums of all time actually, so if you’re looking for something other than your latest Martin Garrix or Tchami release to relax your ears, it might be worth a retro-style listen.

3. Zedd: True Colors

(click here for AMAZON PRIME)

Anton Zaslavski is an insanely talented musician. As pioneering electro DJ/producer Zedd, he’s always at the forefront of creating music that’s inspired by not just his gifts, but by doing what he can to celebrate how music makes people feel like their best and most epic selves. Basing an album on how colors make someone feel is pretty heavy stuff, but as delivered by Zedd with the help of artists like Selena Gomez and Logic (click their names for more of their hits), it’s an easy hit that connects. Do you want to see how this album came to be? This is documentary for you.

2. I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

(click here for NETFLIX)

If you only know Steve Aoki as the festival-smashing hard electro producer who throws sheet cakes at thousands of his excited fans, this 2016 Netflix documentary will likely change your opinion. Ever wanted to get to know a bit more about the magic of the man when it comes to the new generation dance music legend? I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead has you covered. If you don’t hear enough of the Dim Mak Records boss’ hits in the documentary, click this link to stream a few more!

1. Leave The World Behind

(click here for NETFLIX)

In 2014, Axwell, Steve Angello, and Sebastian Ingrosso — the mainstream iconic EDM trio Swedish House Mafia — finally parted ways for what is, to this point, forever. Ever wondered what causes a trio with that much talent and so many enormous hit singles to call it a day? This epic documentary takes you behind the scenes of their final tour. Everything from the seconds before the start of one of their sets to Steve, Axwell, and Sebastian at home with their friends and family is covered. Are you a fan of their albums worth of astounding musical material? It’s all there, too. What an amazing watch!