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Top 10 Kaskade Singles Of All Time

Top 10 Kaskade Singles Of All Time

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Post Date: April 04, 2017

As the most recent generational worldwide explosion of electronic music gives way to a surge of new underground names ready to make a splash, it’s intriguing to think about the names that have risen to acclaim that are certain to have a legacy. Among those names is Kaskade, the American electro house and trance legend who visits Echostage on May 12 as part of his Spring Fling tour. In the 2010s, Kaskade’s name became synonymous with progressive, yet pop-aimed sounds with house to the point that in 2011 and 2013, he was named America’s Best DJ by DJ Times. The producer born Ryan Raddon has been busy at work since 1995, and in the time since his career’s genesis, he’s undoubtedly had more than ten star-making production moments. In highlighting just these ten, it will ideally either make you want to buy a ticket to the event on May 12 (while they still last), OR, you’ll dig in and search deeper through his voluminous collection of hit electronic anthems.

10. Angel On My Shoulder (2008) (check it out)

Irish vocalist Tamra Keenan’s worked alongside numerous dance icons including Paul Oakenfold, Davis Morales, BT, and more. However, she may be at her absolute best when she’s singing feverishly over a melodious electro production about how she has “an angel on [her] shoulder, “but a devil in [her] head.” A pop moment supreme that worms deep in your head, it always wows the crowd.

9. Everything (2005) (check it out)

“Everything” is the final single released from Kaskade’s second studio album In The Moment and given its 2005 release, unquestionably a sign of greater things to come from the icon-to-be. Electro-meets-disco in a most thumping and crowd-pleasing manner.

8. Never Sleep Alone (2015) (check it out)

Tess Comirie’s ethereal vocal combines with a breezy melody and undulating bassline on this 2015 Kaskade hit. Eventually unfolding into a zippy and funk-filled heater, this one feels like the soundtrack to quite the massive party.

7. Lessons In Love (2014) (check it out)

Spacey synths dot the aural atmosphere of this production that is significantly aided by a rave-ready top-line. A thunder boomer of an anthem, it packs a stomping energy that feels more than in line with any amount of shuffling or leaping the production incites.

6. Atmosphere (2013) (check it out)

Maybe one of the best examples of progressive house at its feel good best, this one glides along light as a feather but hits your body with the energy of something as stiff as a board, immediately getting your feet and entire body in general moving with the melody. A true champion of a floor filling track, it’s forever an absolute joy.

5. Disarm You (2015) (check it out)

Warner Brothers describes the single as being “a sincere plea for uninhibited or honest love with the beautiful vocal stylings of Ilsey set to a bed of music that is intense and powerful.” Big room horsepower is aided by Kaskade’s deft touch on how to mix a majestic top line vocal, and it’s a winner that is likely to have legs as a Kaskade favorite for years to come.

4. Stars Align (2006) (check it out)

Stomping old school UK house vibes combine with OG American disco feels on this immense vocal banger. This is much heavier than what many associate with Kaskade’s sound, but as the lead single from his fourth artist album Love Mysterious, it was certainly a table setter for his eventual mega-massive stardom.

3. Be Still (2006) (check it out)

Gargantuan extended builds and a lilting vocal highlight an intentionally disjointed sound that Kaskade has used to great success. The amount of liveliness apparent in this production is in so many ways due to the ability of Kaskade as a producer to pay equal attention to the subtleties of creating engaging top lines and bottom ends.

2. Steppin Out (2014) (check it out)

There’s an argument that says that pianos are the most powerful organic instrument oftentimes used by house music producers. “Steppin’ Out’s” voluptuous and warped guitar line over a strong bassline would beg to differ. Attempting to not dance to this is a recipe for immediate failure. This one is an overall heater.

1. I Remember (feat. Deadmau5) (2008) (check it out)

The thumping power of club-aimed house combines with trance and top-40 aimed pop vocals for Kaskade’s largest ever career single. There’s something for every stripe of Kaskade fan from his near two decades on top of the electro house game. A deep as it is mainstream, it best highlights the aspects of style and appeal that makes Kaskade seemingly iconic and relevant at all times in any electronic music conversation.