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Top 5 Earbud Headphones Under $100

Top 5 Earbud Headphones Under $100

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Post Date: September 09, 2011

Best Beats for Your Buck!

With the immense popularity of iPods and other portable media devices, owning a pair of earbuds is practically a necessity in today’s technology-obsessed world. Take a walk around and you’re  bound to see someone wearing a pair: lobbyists on the metro, school kids on the bus, picnickers in the park, the guy in the cubicle next to you… they’re unavoidable!

Tired of your regular Apple headphones?

While nearly anyone with an iPod has a pair of the unanimous, white Apple headphones, more and more people are indulging their inner audiophiles. If you’re in the market for a quality set of earbuds but not trying to spend a fortune, here’s a list of the top 5 earbuds under $100:

Monster Turbine

$87 on

From the makers of Beats by Dre, these sick Monster headphones run for significantly less than their Dre line!

monster turbine

Klipsch Image S4

$79 on

The audio quality on these earbuds is worth way more than you’ll pay!

klipsch image s4

Bose IE2

$99.95 on

Bose has been making high quality audio products since 1964. Why should these earbuds be any different?


Thinksound TS02

$80 on

With plenty of bass and natural sound, these earbuds are a great value. Plus, they come in a sleek wood design!

thinksound ts02

Jays A-Jays Four

$70 on

Well-balanced sound and an easy to use design.

jays a jays four