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Top 7 Things to do With Beer Besides Drinking

Top 7 Things to do With Beer Besides Drinking

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Post Date: September 09, 2011

Pouring BeerSure, you normally stop at the corner liquor store and buy beer to drink it.. maybe even chug it at a frat party while standing on your hands but hey, we won’t judge.

No, these are not the top ways to get drunk by drinking beer but rather the other top things to do without the purpose of becoming inebriated just enough to make terrible decisions.


Without further adieu, the top seven things to do with beer besides drinking (in no particular order):

  1. brown grass spotsCure brown spots in grass and fertilize plants: Everyone has been there, especially if you’re living in a house off campus. The “grass” looks more like a minefield than something one would frolic upon.
    Forgot to finish your beer and now it’s warm and gross? No problem, just dump it on the grass instead of throwing it out. The beer has a useful purpose: it will fertilize while helping to kill off weeds. This works on plants as well but if they’re potted use sparingly.
  2. Highlight your hair: It’s true, soak your hair in beer and then lay out in the sun. Not only will it help give you those perfect golden tones but now your hair will smell delicious! Then again, if “slept on a frat basement floor” isn’t your scent of choice, consider thoroughly washing after. Apparently beer makes a great conditioner as well.
  3. waspKeep away bees: Nobody wants to have bees swarming around their outdoor party. There’s no real way to push them away, but what those citronella torches do for mosquitoes, beer does the opposite for bees. Place open containers of beer around the space but away from people. Bees like it just as much as humans so they should be preoccupied and hopefully no one will get stung.
  4. Beer pops!: If you’ve been to college odds are you’ve had a tasty beersicle at least once. Ice cold beer is perfect on a hot day right? So beer that actually is ice must be better! Consider sprucing up your creation a touch by adding more than one type of beer to the mix. One could get drunk this way theoretically but it’s more likely you’d suffer of a brain freeze first.
  5. Cook with it: We’re definitely not cooking experts, but there are many amazing dishes that include beer in the recipe. Chicken, bread, fish ‘n chips, sausage, rice.. it really holds true that everything is better with beer.
  6. Remove Stains: Have a tough stain that won’t come out? Try club soda and then a light beer. After that, a regular carpet cleaner should do the trick.
  7. Polish wood furniture: Just had a bit of a party? Is the only thing left half empty flat beer and wood furniture that has lost all it pizzazz? Good news! Those half empty flat beers will help revive the wood. Just gently rub it (with a cloth) on the wood surfaces that need some sprucing up.