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Top Best Places for College Grads to Live

Top Best Places for College Grads to Live

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Post Date: May 05, 2013

Graduating soon and want a new city to call home?

We’ve all seen and heard of the typical post-grad stories of looking for a job and waiting tables until you can find one. As most college grads will be leaving with a huge chunk of debt, no one wants to enter the real world without a job.Forbes recently put out their list of the best cities for recent college grads to work and live in. Here are just a few of them and why they made the list!



The median price for a one-bedroom apartment in Atlanta is only $800, that’s cheaper than some Universities cost for housing! The cost of living is also 1.6% below the national average so you can get more bang for your buck! Not to mention Chattahoochee Hills near Atlanta will be bringing in the new Tomorrow World location this September!




Rated #2 Best Cities for singles and #4 America’s Safest cities, if you can tolerate a Boston accent this is the place for young college grads to be. Boston has the most 18-24 year olds of any city and the fourth highest amount of bars per capita. The cost of living is pretty high but a low unemployment rate of 4.9% makes the odds of snagging a job to jump-start your career much higher than some cities.




This city has a low cost of living, moderate unemployment rate and boasts the most bars per capita so there is plenty of affordable options for night life. Many parts of Colorado that are famous for their amazing scenic views and mountains are just a short drive away from the city and just southwest of Denver is the amazing Red Rocks Amphitheatre which hosts a wide array of artists each year.




The West Coats vibes of many residents here is very inviting. Because the city’s surrounded by water there are plenty of bars and restaurants to enjoy while watching the water with mountains in the background. When the weather finally warms up you can just find a friend with a boat to go for a ride and drink on the water!



Washington D.C.

With so many clubs, bars and amazing restaurants in every district there is plenty of fun to be had here. It has the second highest population of 18-24 year olds. Although there is the metro most things are not too far of a walk away. Cost of living is a bit higher than the average in America but the unemployment rate is lower than the national average making it a little easier to afford living here.