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Why Chicks Love Pinterest

Why Chicks Love Pinterest

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Post Date: April 04, 2013


Some people say it is just like Tumblr but to a true “pinner”, Tumblr doesn’t compare to the amazing website that is Pinterest. It is basically a dream come true for people who like to plan and keep their thoughts and plans organized.


So first, you can make as many “boards” as you want and label them with different categories: food, clothes, dream homes, drink recipes, vacation spots, whatever you please. Then, if you are on any website and see something you like or if you search Pinterest, you just “pin” them to your boards to remember for later. Every pin has a link to the website it’s from so if you want to know more you can just follow the link. Here are the most common things girls use Pinterest for.

To feel like domesticated females

Chicks love finding fun little recipes of gourmet meals and pretending that they’ll actually be able to cook it themselves. I mean who doesn’t love looking at food?

To plan their “Dream Wedding”

Most girls start planning out every little detail of their weddings when they are young so being able to find even better ideas from fellow pinners is like paradise. Nothing better to scare off a boyfriend than telling him every detail of your future wedding you’ve already planned out!


To plan their appearance

Pinterest has it all in the beauty department. From outfits to crazy nails and impossible hair dos Pinterest is the perfect way for girls to give themselves the make over they have been waiting for!


To fuel their alcoholism

If men had the patience to look through all the great drink recipes on the site they would love Pinterest too! You wouldn’t believe the great ideas and wacky ingredients people come up with to mix with alcohol for a fun way to get a buzz.


To try their hand at crafting

 The ideas people come up with for DIY projects are unbelievable and without Pinterest no one would know about any of them. From necklaces made of Pistachio shells or scarves made from T shirts, this site brings life to the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.

To get themselves into shape

For some people, exercise doesn’t come easily, but Pinterest is here to help. There is hundreds of workout plans to do whether it is before you shower, when you wake up or before you go to bed and there are special workout routines to target every part of your body you wish to change.


To find ideas for their future home

Think of it as MTV Cribs but with way more cribs and pictures of all the cool features in one great site. The organization and gadgets people think to fill their homes with is incredible and the pool designs some people can afford.. it is a dream, but a very costly one!


To get a good laugh

Everyone loves a good meme to laugh at but it gets annoying when your whole newsfeed on Facebook is overflowing with memes that aren’t exactly your sense of humor. If you’re having a bad day you can just go to your humor board, scroll through the funny things you’ve pinned and be in a better mood instantly.