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You May Need to Flash Your ID at the Fast Food Joint

You May Need to Flash Your ID at the Fast Food Joint

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Post Date: September 09, 2011

It is now possible to get a glass of Merlot with your breakfast burrito…enter the fast food/fast alcohol trend.  Not yet in D.C., but fast food restaurants across the United States are bending to the new trend.

The Whopper Remix

It wasn’t long ago that fast food restaurants began adding apples to kids meals instead of fries, and pushing lighter salad menu options.  Seems like the industry is doing a complete 180 with offering alcohol.  Forget clogging your arteries with our lard soaked (yet delicious) french fries, misshapen chicken nuggets, and perfectly square burger patties, let’s crank it up a notch and attack that liver!

In a bid to boost business, several Sonic restaurants in South Florida sell beer and wine.  They offer draft beer, 25 kinds of bottled beer and 10 varieties of wine.

The move follows Burger King “Whopper Bars”open in Miami, Orlando, Las Vegas, Memphis, New York City and Kansas City that boast, “Your flame-broiled premium dining experience awaits you!”

What is this world coming to?

As if Starbucks has not sucked up enough of consumer’s money, four Starbucks coffee shops in the Seattle area now sell beer and wine.  Beer goes for $5 a bottle, and a glass of wine for up to $9.

In a tough economy, the move towards alcohol is a way to compete with casual dining and can help boost typically slow evening business, says, Ron Paul president at Technomic, a restaurant consulting firm. “For consumers, it’s basically about having it your way — even if it’s having a beer with your burger.”

Though alcohol is not (yet) offered at the fast food drive-in, will this spread to D.C. and beyond, and more importantly will the fast food/fast alcohol trend lead to fast DUIs?  Can’t wait until MADD gets ahold of this one…