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CLOSED: Buddha Bar DC

CLOSED: Buddha Bar DC

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Post Date: January 01, 2012

ATTN: Unfortunately, this venue is no longer open.

Buddha Bar washington dc

  • Venue Type: Restaurant/Lounge
  • Estimated Size: 300+
  • Amenities: Large Saki and Signature Drink Menus; Complimentary lounge setting, Giant Buddha
  • Cover Charge: None
  • Hours: Lunch:
    M-F 11:30 – 2:30
    Dinner, Nightlife:
    M/Tu 5:30 – 11, 12
    W/Th: 5:30 – 12, 2
    F/Sa: 5:30 – 1, 3
    Su: 5:30 -12, 2
  • Dress Code: Clean and Stylish
  • Age Requirement: 21+ to drink
  • Neighborhood: Gallery Place – Chinatown
  • Address: 455 Massachusetts Ave. NW Washington, DC 20001. (202) 377 5555
  • Website:
  • Atmosphere: The Buddha Bar chain is famous for its intimately lit, posh interiors. Patrons tend to be an upscale 25-45 more akin to sitting with friends than mingling at the bar or dancing. There are plenty of table/lounge areas with couches. A dance floor exists where the lounge, dinner and bar areas meet but is not a focus. The first time you walk into Buddha Bar you will be blown away by its eclectic elegance.
Venue Overview

The Buddha Bar chain is famous for its posh interiors inspired by Asian Temple, Portuguese Estate and Santa Fe influences with colonial style mahogany furniture. The décor consists of Chinese and Japanese artifacts, magic lanterns, elegant chandeliers and light fixtures housed under high ceilings in a large, airy room. In the back sits a giant Buddha, the signature of every Buddha Bar.

Each zone is meant to instill a feeling of weightlessness. Buddha Bar is lit as perfect as a lounge can be with its amber shading. The wood panels, ancient vases, oriental statues, mosaic, golden fabric and lacquer wood add to the prestige.

buddha bar in dc

Gorgeous decor, dimly lit and an intimate ambiance, Buddha Bar is geared towards professionals in their late 20’s and up.

On the left hand wall of the venue, raised far above the floor sits an illuminated DJ booth where the bouncing flow of house music is mildly channeled through the lounge’s system. The space opens up towards the back and holds a dining room and the chain’s signature, a massive statue of The Buddha, sitting in the back.

Once extremely popular in NY, LA, Paris and throughout the world, recent years have seen Buddha Bar lose its trending status. There are exceptions, such as Barcelona and Lisbon, where actors, athletes and models come together.

Although the nightlife may be subpar when compared to her contemporaries, Buddha Bar DC’s menu features choice Asian fusion cuisines including amazing sushi, hot and cold dishes and an impressive saki menu.

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Photo Tour
Buddha Bar Washington DC

A view from the lofted DJ Booth shows the entrance beyond the back right wall, the lounge to the right, and dining room to the left. The bar and kitchen are straight ahead


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Here we see the dining room and signature of every Buddha Bar across the globe.

Video Tour: Buddha Bar in Washington DC

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