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Post Date: April 04, 2011

Eden, Washington DC

  • Venue Type: 4-floor Club/Lounge
  • Estimated Size: 700 people
  • Amenities: 4 Floors, VIP Table Service, Rooftop, Private Events
  • Cover Charge: $20 (Get in FREE: See “Get Hooked Up” section at bottom)
  • Hours: Sun – Thu: 10pm – 2am, Fri/Sat: 10pm – 3am
  • Dress Code: Upscale, dressy
  • Age Requirement: 21+ (18+ Wednesday & Thursday)
  • Location: Golden Triangle
  • Address: 1716 I St NW Washington DC 20006. (202) 905 9300
  • Website:
  • Atmosphere: 4 floors of aesthetic beauty. Guests of Eden find themselves surrounded by sophisticated LED displays, jungle-esque decor (it is the Garden of Eden, after all) and upscale clientele. Although a narrow venue, Eden provides a unique experience, especially to those lucky enough to make it to the rooftop, which brings a piece of South Beach to DC nightlife.
Venue Overview

Entry to Eden is best attained through the club’s, a promoter’s or DJ’s guest list. Walking up to the first floor, you will instantly feel as though you have been transported to a hedonist’s paradise. The mock waterfalls behind the bamboo-fronted bar, jungle-esque decor and leveled VIP provide an instant escape from office and government buildings throughout Washington. Eden’s second floor provides a more traditional, club-like atmosphere, with extended VIP, top 40/mash up and club kids dressed to impress. The third floor, known as the Forbidden Room, is open based on capacity. Its intimate setting allows for an up close and personal experience with the DJ as well as a calming alternative to the fruitful garden below.

The rooftop escape at Eden showcases one of the most unique settings in DC nightlife.

A lush forest amidst our nation’s capital, Eden’s rooftop bar is a prime destination in DC nightlife. Complete with VIP tables to one side, a bar to the other, a raised DJ booth and a massive Miami/Vegas/European-style LED screen, the Eden roof is a place everyone needs to be at least once during their DC nightlife experience. In addition to the freshest house music around, Eden books acts like Sydney Blu, The Devil from Acapulco and Anthony Attalla, showcases the freshest in house music and often-times features live congas and saxophone to compliment the beats. It’s important to note that unless you ask for access, you will not receive a stamp allowing you past security to DC nightlife’s hidden rooftop garden.

  • Mondays bring Greenhouse: an early week, rooftop-only party w/ music by Soundtrax.
  • Wednesdays host Salsa lessons on the 2nd floor starting at 9 and become a full on Latin party as the night wears on. The rooftop oasis is home to the latest in hip-hop, top 40 and mash up.
  • Thursdays at Eden have been revitalized with 2nd floor and rooftop action!
  • Fridays feature Latin in the Green Room, Mash up on the 2nd floor and hot bodies and house music on the roof. The Forbidden Room is open based on capacity.
  • Saturdays, like Fridays, feature 3 floors (sometimes 4) of great music, beautiful people and hot action.
Latest Updates from Eden
Get Hooked Up
  • Guest List & Table Reservations: Click Here. Select the evening you’d like to attend and check out the bottle service menu!
Photo Tour: Green Room

The Green Room at Eden, the entryway to a Garden above.

The bamboo-fronted bar in Eden’s Green Room

Photo Tour: Second Floor

Secret stairs on the far end of Eden give way to well kept rest rooms and fast access to other floors

Things can get pretty wild on the weekends at Eden!

Photo Tour: The Forbidden Room

The Forbidden Room provides an intimate setting for patrons to relax and enjoy a fat Cohiba and glass of Courvoissier

Relax and enjoy Eden’s top notch wine selection

Photo Tour: The Rooftop

Video Tour: Eden

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