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Post Date: May 05, 2011

Ozio Martini Lounge, Cigar Bar, Club and Restaurant - Washington, DC

  • Venue Type: Multi-floor, multi-level Club/Restaurant
  • Estimated Size: A lot bigger than you think!
  • Amenities: Rooftop, Kitchen ’til Midnight, Bottle Service, Valet, Cigar Bar w/ Walk-in Humidor, Happy Hour, Multiple lounge areas
  • Cover Charge:
  • Hours: M-Th, 5pm – 2am | F 5pm – 3am Sat 6pm – 3am | Kitchen ’til midnight | Sun Closed
  • Dress Code: Some suits, t-shirts w/jackets, button downs, look nice
  • Age Requirement: 21+
  • Location: Midtown
  • Address: 1813 M St NW Washington DC 20036. (202) 822 6000
  • Website:
  • Atmosphere: Elegance at every turn. Maintaining an air of historic Washington, Ozio is located in 2 combined row houses and fuses an Art Deco style with the colonial feel of exposed brick. Intimate yet spacious. Around every corner patrons will find hidden lounge areas for a quick escape. With all the different levels, it’s hard to nail down how many floors the venue is, which we love. At the top of Ozio sits a vibrant rooftop servicing two bars, VIP, more lounges and a high-end crowd that came to have a good time
Venue Overview

From the outside, Ozio seems to be a small, seemingly regular bar/lounge. The beautiful, well-dressed, diverse crowd waiting to get in says otherwise. The first floor allows patrons the luxury of smoking at the bar, provides ample booth seating and features the bar tending expertise (and trickery) of Ozio’s owner. A walk-in humidor cements the suave appeal of the venue. It’s the calm before the storm above.

As patrons ascend a wide, wrapping staircase, they are met with the first of Ozio’s many splits. To the left is a high-end cigar bar with a menu consisting of Arturo Fuentes (incl. Opus X) , Ashtons, Cohibas, C.A.O.s, Macanudos, Monte Cristos, Romeo & Julietas and a host of others, including the Padron Anniversario. It’s a level frequented by diplomats, businesspeople and young professionals alike. At the end of the bar and around a corner exists the first of many hidden lounges at Ozio. A descending staircase leads patrons into the 2nd row house, revealing exposed brick, artwork and spacious yet intimate couch settings.

From intimate nooks to a debaucherous rooftop, Ozio has it all!

Should you hang a right when arriving at the second floor, you’ll find a dance floor, bar and DJ booth at the far end of the room, and a gateway to the rooftop above. This gateway, another of Ozio’s levels, features a large table area and a mini staircase leading to another low key, spacious lounge area.

The proper stamp allows party goers access to Washington DC’s newest rooftop bar. Encased in an ever changing spectrum of club lights, scattered trees and two bars, Ozio’s rooftop provides a completely different atmosphere to the bars and lounges below. Featuring house music and outdoor bottle service, the Ozio rooftop club is DC nightlife’s newest gem. Packed with an attractive and refreshingly unpretentious crowd, it’s a great place to spend your weekend hours. Moving across the roof you’ll be met with more of Ozio’s famous elegant lounge and VIP areas. They are inside but feature open air hallways to the roof.

  • Happy Hour: M-F, 5-8 and Sat 6-11 feat. $4/5 Martini, $4 Wine and $3/4 Beer Specials
  • Dinner: Greek/Italian fusion highlighted by Grilled Baby Eggplant Pizza, an assortment of tapas, eclectic salads, sandwiches and entrees ranging from Chicken Corinthian to Baked Stuffed Shrimp to Filet. Kitchen open daily ’til midnight.
  • Late Night: Enjoy martinis, bottle service, cigars, various lounges and Ozio’s brand new rooftop every Monday – Saturday!
Latest Updates from Ozio
Photo Tour: First Floor & Humidor

Ozio's first floor lounge features indoor smoking and a walk-in humidor.

Photo Tour: Second Floor – Cigar Bar, Dance Floor, Levels

One half of Ozio's second floor showcases a cigar bar, restaurant seating and hidden lounge

The other half of Ozio proves a dance floor, bar, DJ booth and more lounge/restaurant seating

Photo Tour: Rooftop

Beyond the far wall you can find more VIP, providing an indoor/outdoor lounge experience

Video Tour: Ozio
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