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Top 10 Best Sia Anthems of All Time (Or Right Now…Your Choice)

Top 10 Best Sia Anthems of All Time (Or Right Now…Your Choice)

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Post Date: February 02, 2017

Amazingly enough, it’s been 20 years since Sia, possibly 2017’s biggest mainstream female pop vocalist, released her debut album. It’s amazing in the sense that somehow, there’s a singer-songwriter with her level of undeniable talent that’s patiently waited for the opportunity to reach her own stardom, instead of writing songs for everyone from Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera to Beyonce, Maroon 5, Eminem, and more. Though she still writes many songs, it’s her ability in writing and singing, for the most part, her own songs where she’s surged to greater success than ever before. Following in a line from Britney Spears to Lady Gaga, she could easily be the music industry’s next superstar female pop icon. Here’s ten of her most impacting pop hits.

10. Sia – The Greatest (featuring Kendrick Lamar) (PURCHASE HERE)

Sia closed an impressive 2016 with “The Greatest,” an emotionally uplifting single featuring Kendrick Lamar. Perceived by many to be a tribute to those killed in the tragic Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida, the song hit number one in ten countries and to date has sold 2.5 million singles.

9. Katy Perry – Chained To The Rhythm (PURCHASE HERE)

Though just-released, the potential of a Sia-written and Katy Perry sung tropical house song (with the aforementioned Furler providing uncredited guest vocals) in 2017 is quite high. It’s also a Max Martin production that features Skip, the latest Marley to join in the family’s musical legacy. Though for Sia, writing ever-so-slightly politically-motivated songs is nothing new, for Katy Perry, lending her vocal to these ideas is quite the progressive push, indeed.

8. Sia – Helium (PURCHASE HERE)

Sia’s latest artist release is “Helium,” which given its placement on the soundtrack of Fifty Shades Darker, the follow up to 2015’s successful film adaptation of novel Fifty Shades of Gray, should mean immense success. Already zipping to the top of the pop charts globally, its American success should be forthcoming, likely due to the oh so many remixes we should expect soon enough.

7. Kanye West – Wolves (PURCHASE HERE)

Kanye West’s 2016-released album The Life of Pablo had significant initial fanfare. Key to this excitement was the album’s build that included the Sia and Vic Mensa-featuring “Wolves” being used in a marketing campaign for the Balmain fashion house, as well as a performance on Saturday Night Live. Sia partnering with West is a massive look, and likely only scratching the surface of hip-hop collaborations to come.

6. David Guetta – She Wolf (Falling to Pieces) (PURCHASE HERE)

French electro production titan David Guetta’s modern career evolution into a pop superstar has been largely tied to female voices. From Kelly Rowland jumping on 2009’s “When Love Takes Over” to Fergie on the same year’s “Gettin’ Over You” and including Sia’s appearance on this big room banger, women have have provided an invaluable assist to his success.

5. David Guetta – Bang My Head (PURCHASE HERE)

The first of what has become many Sia appearances on tropical house productions was arguably the most intriguing collaboration of her career. Pairing here with New Jersey-bred trap rapper Fetty Wap and her aforementioned frequent collaborator Guetta, Sia shows an impressive ability to diversify her talents and seamlessly fit in to craft a hit with far-reaching potential.

4. David Guetta – Titanium (PURCHASE HERE)

Maybe the single most responsible for Sia’s solo breakout is “Titanium,” her chart-topping electro house collaboration with David Guetta. A massive, thrashing, and synth-driven sonic boom of a production is actually elevated to another level with Sia’s vocal. Her ability to match the energy of the production with her vocal performance is what makes her a superstar, and it’s a well-showcased talent here.

3. Sia – Chandelier (PURCHASE HERE)

Maybe outside of Rihanna, there’s really no other female vocalist at-present who lends the level of emotional connection to wild, party-girl lifestyle than Sia. The most unlikely of trap anthems, “Chandelier, definitely is the perfect accompaniment to a night in VIP, with shots, bottles, vodka drinks, and everything that comes with that. It’s a truly beautiful song overall.

2. Flo Rida – Wild Ones (PURCHASE HERE)

As just mentioned, Sia’s greatest gift as a singer is her ability to really double-down on describing what makes the “wild girl” lifestyle so entertaining. Therefore, it stands to reason that a collaboration with her and “king of the party rappers” Flo Rida for 2012’s “Wild Ones” was such a hit. Sometimes the biggest songs make the most logical sense.

1. Sia – Cheap Thrills (PURCHASE HERE)

In the blend of tropical house, reggaeton, top-40 pop and the kind of songwriting brilliance that includes lyrics like “I ain’t got gas, I ain’t got cash, but I got you bay-beee” is where Sia’s 2016/2017 super-smash is actually not just possibly her best song ever, but also one of the best songs of the modern era overall. There’s something about there being just enough Sean Paul, just enough percussion and just enough of Sia’s voice here that makes this phenomenal.