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U2 360 Tour in Washington DC.

U2 360 Tour in Washington DC.

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Post Date: September 09, 2009

I’m not a big concerts guy.  But when U2 comes to DC, I have to pay my respects.  

I got my floor tickets, from my friends at Skyy Vodka  and I decided to beat the traffic and go later.  I knew U2 was going on at 9pm so I wasn’t worried. WRONG!  It took me and hour and a half from downtown Washington DC, the limo picked us up from Lima Lounge on 14th and K streets.  Seriously, the Redskins better start winning, because soon, no one will be at that stadium.  Total chaos, crazy traffic, one lane going in to the parking lots.  That stadium is impossible to get to.  Mr. Snyder start providing free helicopter sides, or soon you’ll be watching the game alone from your suite!


Anyway, the production was amazing.  The stage looked like a spaceship that just landed on earth.  The video wall was like the new video wall of the Dallas Cowboys stadium.  The sound was the cleanest sound I have heard in an outdoor event.  Perfection!

U2 in DCU2 360 Tour






U2 put a great show together.  Not only special effects, great lights, stage production and sound.  There was also a message of unity, political and religious tolerance, and  humanitarian work around the World. Themes included Poverty in Africa, Aids, Political turmoil in Iran and even the house arrest of Aung San Suu Kyi, the opposition leader in Burma.  Deep messages for a loyal fan base that likes to be involved in world matters and the politics of coexistence.  Overall, i feel that U2 put together a show that set a new standard in Washington DC Entertainment.  If you’ve never seen them in concert, catch them next time they’re around.  Must see!!!!

Special thanks to David Cronin of Republic National Distributing!