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Ultrabar Nightclub DC

Ultrabar Nightclub DC


Post Date: August 08, 2012

Ultrabar Nightclub DC - DC Clubs, DC Nightlife, DC Nightclubs

Ultrabar Nightclub, Washington DC

  • Venue Type: Big Nightclub with a small club vibe
  • Estimated Size: 1,000 people
  • Amenities: 6 Bars, 4 Floors, VIP Table Service, Valet, Coat Check
  • Cover Charge: $20-30 (Get in FREE: See “Get Hooked Up” section at bottom)
  • Hours: Fri + Sat: 10pm – 3am
  • Dress Code: Strictly Enforced. Casual attire: no shorts, boots, athletic wear
  • Age Requirement: 18+
  • Location: Downtown/Penn Quarter. Near Verizon Center
  • Address: 911 F St NW Washington DC 20004. (202) 638 4663
  • Website:
  • Atmosphere: Ultrabar is a larger multi-level nightclub appealing largely to the 18-30 crowd.  It’s laid out to maximize dancefloor space for those who really like to dance and party, and it definitely gets wild.  Boasting 6 bars, 4 dancefloors, 2 mezzanines, and 30+ VIP tables, Ultrabar really sets the standard for Nightclubs in DC.
Venue Overview

Ultrabar is an interesting character.  The building itself used to be a bank at the turn of the 20th century, and has retained some of the original bank aspects.  Ornate marble accents the bar area wall on the main floor, safe deposit boxes are illuminated behind colored glass in the basement vault (which is now a lounge level), true hardwood floors run throughout the club, and the original trim work and masonry has been fully restored but given a colorful paint job.

Combined with the modern LED lighting, Stainless steel accents, Marble bartops, Glass walls, and modern decor, it makes for an upscale, clean, and inviting atmosphere.

Cooling down the steaming hot dancefloor with freezing cold liquid nitrogen at -320F

Oh, and did I mention the cryogenics? No better way to chill out than liquid nitrogen at -320F!

But don’t let that fool you, this place really gets down.  Each floor has its own music format, a talented DJ on the decks, and a big bar to boot.  And of course, each floor features all the insane lights and pounding sound that you’d expect to see in a club like this.   Each floor also has its own VIP section where private tables can be booked.  The main floor additionally has two overlooking mezzanines with bars so you can have your drink and look down at the dancing people below.

Virtual Walk-Through

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  • DC Dance Party (Fridays)
  • Ladies Night (Saturdays)
  • 9-10 open bar, 6 bars, 5 levels, 4 DJs. This is DC’s most consistently packed Saturday night party!
Latest Updates from Ultrabar
Get Hooked Up
Photo Tour: Main Floor
Main Floor at Ultrabar Nightclub DC

The main floor at Ultrabar features 30′ ceilings, two mezzanines, a large dancefloor, and frickin’ laser beams.  Yes!

VIP tables are plentiful on the main floor at Ultrabar

DJ Geometrix plays Friday Nights at Ultrabar Nightclub DC

DJ Geometrix playing the main floor at Ultrabar, throwing down a wide range of Top 40, Pop, Dance, and beyond.

Photo Tour: Vault (Basement)
The infamous safe deposit boxes in the Ultrabar Vault

The famous safe deposit boxes in the Ultrabar Vault

The Basement Vault at Ultrabar Nightclub DC

The Vault is more intimate, most often featuring House and Dance.  There are four segments in this room, each featuring open seating and lounge space.

The lounge segment of the Ultrabar Vault

The lounge segment of the Ultrabar Vault

Photo Tour: Mezzanine (overlooking main floor)
The mezzanine also its a great place to book a VIP table

The mezzanine is the best place to book a VIP table, because you won’t get trampled up here.

The mezzanine bar at Ultrabar Nightclub DC

The mezzanine bar offers an exclusive escape from the craziness of the main dancefloor.

Photo Tour: The Bedroom (2nd Floor)
The Bedroom Level at Ultrabar Nightclub

The Bedroom level at Ultrabar features a balance of lounge space, bar space, vip table space, and dancefloor space

On Fridays and Saturdays, the bedroom features the best in Latin Music playing all night long.

On Fridays and Saturdays, the bedroom features the best in Latin Music playing all night long.

Photo Tour: Chroma (3rd Floor)
Chroma, the top floor at Ultrabar

Chroma, the top floor at Ultrabar, often is restricted to VIP only. With nicer tables, and a more elite clientele, its the place to be.

Everything is better in Chroma

The music format varies between Dance, International, and Pop music.

Video Tour: Ultrabar Nightclub DC

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