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What DJs Have the Best Hair

What DJs Have the Best Hair

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Post Date: April 04, 2014

From the mop tops of the Beatles to the teased and torture manes of 80s hair metal bands, the mullets of Billy Ray Cyrus, the long locks of rock gods, and punk music’s Mohawks, hair has defined genres and generations of music since the beginning of time. 
Disc Jockey’s are usually heralded for their mad skills behind the decks, and perhaps their hard-core partying ways as they zigzag the globe from club to festival to celebrity studded events, because now more than ever the DJ has reached star status themselves.  But what about their hair…who’s got the best coif in the EDM DJ scene?


With his long locks and deep side part juxtaposing the half shaved to the bone side of his head, Skrillex’s do was at the forefront of this now trendy look, which is worn by copycats of celebrity status, and that hipster girl sitting next to you at your local dive bar.

David Guetta  

David Guetta vs Jennifer Aniston

Since his start in clubs in the 1980’s Guetta’s signature locks have not changed, which has resulted in a cross between John Denver (who most of you are probably too young to know) and the cult status style ‘the Rachael’ made popular by Friends star Jennifer Aniston.

Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki Hair Style

“Long hair don’t care!”  On April Fools 2013, the electro house DJ and heir to the Benihana chain, pranked fans with a tweet –“I JUST CUT OFF ALL MY HAIR!!!” which was met with 1,180 re-tweets.  Even with all the acrobatic crowd surfing stunts, throwing cake at fans, spraying champagne bottles, and riding rafts on the dance floor, things just wouldn’t be the same with a bald Aoki.

Pauly D

Pauly D Best DJ Hair

The MTV’s Jersey Shore made Pauly D as a DJ rise from local Rhode Island clubs to a stint in Vegas and gigs across the US.  He is perhaps equally known for his often imitated but never duplicated super gelled, sprayed, blow-dried mane.   Without the massive amounts of hair product this DJ is virtually unrecognizable.


Nervo Hair

The uber blonde twin DJ duo Nervo who co-wrote the Grammy Award-winning single, “When Love Takes Over”, performed by David Guetta and Kelly Rowland are white hot both musically and well just hot.  Whether you like it short or long these twins and their blonde locks are bringing major estrogen into an otherwise male dominated world.

Tommy Trash

Tommy Trash Hair

You know you’ve got a famous mane when your hair has it’s own Twitter-

Tommy Trash’s hair @TommyTrashsHair – Silky…….Smooth……..Flawless

Also in a DJ Mag interview the following pretty much sums it up:

Best known for: “Hair, hair and more hair.”


Deadmau5 Hair

Usually ‘mousy’ is a term to describe a drab, pale brown hair color, almost gray (ish).  But not here- is it animal magnetism Deadmau5 projects?  This mouse’s hair changes color by the show! Some accessorize with a hat or scarf, but Deadmau5 is committed to his ever-evolving mouse head and there’s something to say for originality.

Carl Cox

Carl Cox Hair

Holding it down for the Q balls is Carl Cox.  Nobody quite does a baldhead like this British house music DJ and producer.  Nothing is worse than a man going bald and doing nothing, leaving the ring around the head, gapping holes, or a constant 5 of clock head shadow.  Cox keeps his dome to the razor’s edge- smooth and shiny!


Axwell Hair

Not every man can pull off a super slick style, but Axwell pulls it off.  Most men over do it with the super gelled slicked back hair and instead of looking suave look like creepy greasy haired old perverts.  So kudos to you Axwell for successfully pulling off a sexy slick back without the sleaze!

Paul Oakenfold

Paul Oakenfold Hair

This Brit has been mixing it up for over 30 years and his hair has not missed a beat.  Even MixMag made the following comment to Avicii in a recent interview, “Aside from Paul Oakenfold you must have the best hair in dance music.” From semi short to his signature bob, Oakie’s locks are always super smooth and leave men and women alike wondering, “Who does his hair?”

Like the tracks these mega DJs produce, EDM won’t be confined to one hairstyle, yet uniquely makes it’s mark with some major gossip worthy hair all it’s own.