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Your Guide to DC Food Trucks

Your Guide to DC Food Trucks

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Post Date: October 10, 2011

Ya can’t beat the meat in the street!

DC Food Trucks offers a real-time google map featuring the location and latest tweet from many of DC's favorite food trucks. It also features a comprehensive list of every mobile street vendor in The District!

Food trucks in DC are far more than your typical Manhattan falafel, kabob or even Belgian waffle stand. Washington DC street vendors come fully equipped with mobile kitchens, a bevy of street food options and health code standards far beyond the conventional food truck norms.

Fueled by Washington’s need for quick lunch options, DC food trucks travel from spot to spot offering Washingtonians amazing street food like tarts, lobster rolls, Korean barbeque, falafel, sweet & savory pies, tacos and much more!

How do you know where they are?

Social Media icons horizontal

The best part about DC food trucks is their social media savvy!

Every day street food vendors in Washington DC update their Facebook and Twitter profiles with their whereabouts, menu options, whether or not something has sold out, closing time, tomorrow’s hours, etc.

They pretty much roll up where the action is and watch as the lines form. You can find DC food trucks everywhere from North Capital to K Street, down to GW and Virginia Ave and into NoVA!

We found all these trucks just in McPherson Square!

Red Hook Lobster Pound
DC lobster food truck

DC Food Trucks: The Lobster Truck!

It’s a bit expensive by street food standards, but once you bite into the butter-soaked roll and taste that lobster, the dent in your wallet will mean nothing.

Find the DC Lobster Truck @lobstertruckDC | Hang with the Lobster Pound on Facebook

Dangerously Delicious Pies
DC pie truck

Street food in DC: The Pie Truck DC!

Sweet or savory? No matter which way you cut it (pun definitely intended) the DC pie truck is, as its name clearly warns, dangerously delicious!

Find the DC Pie Truck @thepietruckDC | Get Dangerously Delicious on Facebook

Sabora Street: Latin Inspired Street Food
Sabora Street DC

DC food trucks: Sabora Street gives a Latin flair to DC street food!

Judging from the marked up menu, Sabora Street’s chicken tacos/arepas are rather popular! Their beer-battered soft-shell crab is delicious too!

Find Sabora’s Latin street food @saborastreet | Visit Sabora Street on Facebook

Sweet Flow Mobile
Sweet Flow Mobile

Food Trucks in DC: Sweet Flow Mobile tarts

The folks at Sweet Green wanted to bring the ice cream truck from our youth to the office – so they did! The tart yogurt is of course, fat free, all-natural and uses live active cultures 🙂

Find the Sweetflow Mobile food truck @SweetflowMobile | Visit Sweetflow Mobile on Facebook

TaKorean: Korean BBQ Tacos
Korean BBQ DC Food truck

The DC Korean BBQ food truck

You will never go wrong with Bulgogi, Kimchi and Sriracha sauce – you know, the hot sauce with the rooster on it. This is one of our favorites!

Find the DC Korean BBQ Food Truck @TaKorean | Visit TaKorean on Facebook

Tasty Kabob
DC Food Trucks Tasty Kabob

The Tasty Kabob food truck in washington dc

It’s all in the name baby! Chicken, lamb, or meatballs over rice and voila, you’ve got some tasty kabobs; DC food truck style!

Find the DC Tasty Kabob Food Truck @TastyKabob | Visit Tasty Kabob DC on Facebook

Sauca Food Truck DC

DC Food Trucks: Sauca

Eat the World! DC’s Sauca food truck is probably the most in tune with social media. Being that they serve Indian, Vietnamese, Mexican, Mediterranean and American delights, they need all the reach they can get!

Follow Sauca @wheresauca | Visit Sauca on Facebook

AZN Eats
DC AZN Eats truck

The DC AZN Eats food truck

Simple and amazing. It’s Asian, it’s eats, and it’s delicious!

Follow AZN Eats @azneats | Visit AZN Eats on Facebook

The DC Big Cheese Truck
DC cheese truck

The DC Cheese truck, avoiding mice at all costs!

There’s nothing better than a cheese sandwich and some tomato soup, especially when it starts to get chilly. The Big Cheese DC food truck puts some eclectic twists on an American classic!

Follow The Big Cheese Truck @bigcheesetruck | Visit The Big Cheese Truck on Facebook

The DC BBQ Bus
DC BBQ Bus food truck

The DC Food truck known as the BBQ Bus has some serious fixins!

What’s better than a pulled pork sandwich dripping with sauce on a plate full of slaw and baked beans? Give up? Nothing! Get on the bus!

Follow The DC BBQ Bus @bbqbusdc | Visit BBQ Bus Food Truck on Facebook

Sol Mexican Grill
Sol DC food truck

The Sol food truck in Washington DC

What’s better than a pulled pork sandwich dripping with sauce on a plate full of slaw and baked beans? Give up? Nothing! Get on the bus!

Follow The DC BBQ Bus @bbqbusdc | Visit BBQ Bus Food Truck on Facebook

The Hula Girl Truck
Hula Girl Food Truck DC

The Hula Girl food truck in Washington offers a taste of the Hawaiian Islands to DC!

Grilled to order Teriyaki steak, chicken and tofu highlight a delicious menu! They’ve got everything on a salad, sandwich or plate and serve it with rice and some real mean mac salad! And let’s not forget the Hawaiian Punch!

Follow The Hula Girl Food Truck @hulagirltruck | Visit Hula Girl Food Truck on Facebook

Porc BBQ Food Truck
BBQ food trucks in DC porc

The Porc BBQ food truck in DC serves it up like no other!

Purveyors of Rolling Cuisine! There’s something about menus written on chalkboards that make you feel more at home. The pulled pork is good, but that Pastrami sandwich was an amazing surprise!

Follow The Porc BBQ food truck in DC @porcmobile | Visit Porc Food Truck on Facebook

Empanada Food Truck DC
Empanada DC food truck

With almost 30 types of empanadas, this DC food truck is easily one of the most popular!

Who doesn’t love empanadas? Whether it’s beef, pork, chicken or veggies, DC Empanadas is a favorite amongst food trucks in DC.

Follow DC empanadas food truck @DCEmpanadas | Visit DC Empanadas Food Truck on Facebook

Floridano Pan con Lechon Food Truck in DC
Con Lechon Floridano food truck in DC

El Floridano serves up soup and sandwiches for fans of food trucks in DC! Ya gotta have their signature Cuban!

Pan con Lechon is obviously a must have. A rotating, Florida-inspired sandwich offering makes El Floridano a favorite!

Follow the El Floridano food truck in DC @flmeetsdc

More to come…

Stay tuned as we bring you more DC food trucks whenever we find them. There seems to be infinitely many!