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More Man Code

“A man’s gotta have a code.”
– Omar, Season 4 Episode 7

Failure to follow man code will result in watching Sunday parades with umbrellas in your drink in a hair salon waiting room.
(check out the original man-law standards including urinal etiquette and banging your boy’s ex)


2 men may never share an umbrella.
man umbrella rule

Posting Bail

Unless the charge is murder, you must bail your friends out of jail within (24) hours.
bailing your friend out of jail

Waiting time

If your boy asks you to “wait a minute,” the minimum time you must wait is (3) minutes. The max is (5).
waiting fucking loser movie

Birthday Gifts

No man should have to buy his friends actual birthday presents. Remembering is good enough.
stripper birthday cake

Televised Sports

It’s ok to ask the score of a game, but never who is playing. Think about it.


You can only go commando if you’re coming from ‘somewhere.’ No exceptions. That goes for Britney as well.
 britney speaks upskirt


There are two ways to compliment a man on his physical appearance. Decide for yourself which one is correct:

“Hey Joe, your arms are looking great!”
“Damn bro, you’re killing it at the gym!”
dudes at the gym

Road trips

The fact that someone is driving does not make them exempt from paying for gas
road trip rules


Eating healthy is unmanly. This double bacon cheeseburger pizza is awe-inspiring.
double pizza bacon cheeseburger

On the Battle field

Men are required to fall on grenades, but will have their tabs paid for. You are only required to sacrifice yourself for (4) songs. If your boy ends up going home with a grenade, it is never to be spoken of… unless its like this:
skinny guy making out with fat chick yellow dress

Getting Home

If your DD finds a girl to take home, find another way to get your drunk ass back.
catching a cab

Rules of the Man-Hug

1. One pat, behind the back
2. Max (3) pats
3. No lingering
4. Absolutely no facial contact
george bush hug

Getting Check Out

You must silently let your friend know if a girl is looking his way
girls checking guy out