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5 Things You Need To Remember Before You Go Clubbing In DC

The weather is breaking! Therefore, we know that you’re going to want to head out to the club! Here at DCClubbing.com, we may or may not know a few things about having a good time on the town, so we decided to leave a few helpful hints to take your nightlife activities to the next level. Looking to ensure that you and all of your friends have a fantastic night on the town? Follow these guidelines!

1. If you’re traveling in a crew of 8 or more, get a table.

Pure mathematics state that going out and having a “good time” will ideally cost you around $50-$100. As well, we know that most people headed out for a night on the town don’t travel alone. If you and your crew of friends are particularly fond of a particular alcohol and mixer combination or two, that’s when the idea of a table makes sense. In the case of an ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure, two bottles of your favorite liquor, with orange juice and cranberry juice, PLUS SEATING adds to the comfort and convenience of what can tend to be something often a lot more difficult.

2. Follow dress code guidelines

Dress codes exist for a reason. A venue’s management wanting to add a touch of class to “just” a night on the town to make it a premium event will often add a dress code for atmospheric purposes. Also, if you’re in the market for a potential mate, look at a dress code as not a negative, but rather a positive addition to your attempt at making the ideal connection.

3. Ride-sharing…use it.

We’ve all been there. In either the preparation for a night on the town or at the party itself, we maybe take things a step too far or a drink past our limits. There’s something about ridesharing, and the ease and comfort of direct and customized door-to-door service, that’s ideal for a night where things can get somewhat crazy pretty quickly. Both Uber and Lyft offer first-use rider discounts, and many late-night drivers will often have water, aspirin, or whatever is necessary for solving potential post party headaches.

4. Observe the buddy system

When possible, always head out with a group of friends. Whether at a massive club or an intimate venue, being out with friends you trust makes sticking together and enjoying the atmosphere that much more entertaining. Want a surefire way for your Snapchat stories to be super lit and for your Instagram pics to get hundreds of likes? There’s real worth in being in the most fantastic place with the most amazing people. Hot spots like Ultrabar, Decades, Soundcheck, Barcode, and Echostage are that much more epic when you’re with your friends. A pro tip? Make sure you’ve got everyone’s number and opened up a group chat to make it easy to get in touch if you can’t find each other in the midst of having all of the fun.

5. No two clubs or parties are the same. Homework is essential.

Every venue comes equipped with its own particular set of charms. From Facebook to magazines like DJ Mag and Mixmag, and others in the business of offering helpful reviews and more, there’s always someone in the industry of being in the know willing to give you that extra 10% of knowledge that takes an evening to a whole other level of fun. Is there a unique beverage that is unique to the venue? A special selfie opportunity? Rules regarding dress code, free early entry, and if there’s say, a celebrity in the building? These are all things that are worth learning from a simple background check.