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7 Ways To Turn Irish This St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day 2018 will be here before you know it, and we here at DC Clubbing are here to ensure that it’s your best St. Patty’s Day ever. It’s the holiday of holidays. Over half of Americans celebrate it, spending over $5 billion in pubs, bars, and clubs nationwide. Most of you will consume anywhere from five to seven beverages, one in three of you will eat some manner of corned beef and cabbage meal, and 82% of you will be wearing green. Taking all of this into account, we’ve compiled a list of seven items we believe you need to celebrate your most ideal March 17th holiday. Enjoy!


We think you’ll be headed to a bar crawl on St. Patrick’s Day. Well, whether you’re pre-gaming or outside containers are allowed on your trek, this keg-similar 24-ounce mug is perfect. It’s all about getting in the proper frame of mind for hours of trekking from place to place. This mug, we feel is an ideal addition to those activities. Plus, no matter the weather, the beer is ALWAYS cold. Enjoy!


For 260 years, Guinness’ dark Irish brew has been synonymous with stout beer excellence. They sell one billion ounces of the beverage per year worldwide, and one full percent of that is consumed on St. Patrick’s Day. Are you looking to dress the part with the one thing likely most generally affiliated with the holiday as a day of celebration? The numbers (and the deliciousness) never lie.


Hunting down amazing times requires comfortable footwear. Also, given how out of control the weather has been of late, having proper protection against the elements is also essential. Yes, Irish Setter footwear is from Ireland, but when you re-imagine their boot description for St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans, it feels both related to the Emerald Isle and worldwide in appeal. “Crafted for the most demanding booze hunter, our Wingshooter boots feature a full-grain, waterproof leather upper, combined with our UltraDry™ technology for complete weatherproofing. Our Prairie sole reduces weight, provides underfoot cushioning and provides excellent traction in any multi-level nightclub terrain.”

NEW BALANCE SNEAKERS (purchase here)

Did you ***really*** enjoy St. Patrick’s Day and maybe the holiday could be the start of a more significant celebration for you in years to come? Well, these sneakers are for you. Nothing says comfort and fashion like New Balance’s trademark suede on rubber, and keeping it festive in green elevates the iconic style to an appropriate level.


Are you a soccer fan looking for a unique conversation starter? Here’s a great look. Yes, the side that plays its home matches at Landsdowne Road didn’t qualify for World Cup 2018, but the legacy of the likes of Robbie Keane, manager Jack Charlton and more is definitely appropriate and likely to get a mention or two during a particularly Native-driven celebration.

St. Patrick’s Day Party Supplies (purchase here)

If you’re anything like we are here at DC Clubbing, sometimes you have to bring the party TO THE PARTY. A collection of Irish Shamrock Necklaces, St. Patrick Shutter Shades Glasses, Shamrock Necklaces, and other assorted St. Patrick’s Day merchandise? With the aid of these supplies, it sounds like you’re planning the prelude to quite the turn-up!

GIANT LEPRECHAUN HAT (purchase here)

Image result for elope Giant Leprechaun Hat

We all have this one friend who’s the most Irish guy we know. His lineage goes back to St. Patrick himself, he’s been to Dublin 100 times, has the Irish flag tattooed on his shoulder and claims Notre Dame as his favorite college sports team in EVERY athletic endeavor. You see this guy in your head, right? And you see him in this hat as well, I’m sure. This hat is a foot tall, with an elastic & Velcro size-adjustment band, a zipper opening so the cap can be stuffed with tissue to hold shape, and the wire in the brim can be shaped as desired. Yes, this hat isn’t just festive, it’s COMFORTABLE, too!