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A Girl’s Guide to Rocking Neon

Out with the girls and feeling frisky, are we?
Contributing Writer Amanda Hanowitz

So you’ve decided to go out with the girls and are feeling frisky and hot. What to wear? You want to stand out in a way that says, “PARTY’S HERE!” But you don’t want to stand out like the girl with her ass cheeks hanging from her skirt. Solution: Neon!

The neon trend can be done in many different ways. You can go all out and rock an outfit that blinds people…
or you can be subtle about it.

Subtlety is your best bet because you’ll still be a fun lovin’ chick who’s trendy, but you won’t be that obnoxious, highlighter waiving, fist pumping to Avicii fan in the middle of the dance floor. Save that sh*t for Dayglow.

Highlights = Good.

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To be strategic and successful, I suggest a simple outfit to rock with the neon you’re getting down in. If you’re gonna go with the “I carry my necessities in a giant highlighter” look, then a simple and understated dress will do just fine.

Maybe some high wasted jean shorts, aka jorts, and a fancy shmancy patterned blouse. This look will say, “Hey, I’m looking fancy, fresh and casual, but BAM! check out my carrying case”. Then people will want to date you… or at least ask you where your bag is from. (Mini MAC Bag by Rebecca Minkoff, Kelsey Leather Mini Bag by Milly, Neon Nights Satchel by Free People)

Neon can be scary and even a little intimidating, we know this to be true. If you’re a beginner and a little nervous, you can always tiptoe into the trend. Put your best foot forward with some neon shoes instead of a handbag.

You’ll be simple, put together, and classy; but now you can simultaneously send off the “I’m here and I’m ready to kick ass” vibe. Literally though… kick ass in your cool kicks.

Remember one simple rule about neon: do it up, but do it gently. Limit your outfit to one neon piece, such as bottoms OR a top, unless you decide to go with neon jewelry. In that case, go crazy and stack & pile that sh*t up on your wrists and neck. (Knot Extension Long Necklace by Sequence)

Allow the neon to speak for itself. Go on, do it.

Ya only live once, that’s the motto…

effing NEON!