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DCClubbing’s Guide To Halloween Weekend 2016

Halloween falls on a Monday in 2016. However, if you’re thinking that the weekend prior to the big day, or the day itself isn’t going to be a SERIOUS party weekend in the Nation’s Capital, that’s where you’re wrong. From bars, to clubs to haunted houses and more, this year’s Halloween won’t just be scary, it’ll absolutely be lit! Here’s DCClubbing’s suggestions for making this coming Halloween weekend one to remember.

Saturday, October 29

Scream City

There’s two state-of-the-art, award-winning, and completely indoor haunted houses in the parking lot of RFK Stadium. “Exorcism Estate” is said to have been “owned by the parents of the spawn of Satan himself,” while the “Slaughter Factory” is owned by a cruel man who “slaughtered his staff like livestock one fateful night and displayed them like sides of beef hanging on rusty meat hooks stabbed through wrists and ankles.” Intense, right? Scared yet? Check it out!

Ladies Night At Ultrabar


Saturday night is Ladies Night at Ultrabar, which, on Halloween Fright Fest Weekend means that one can only expect nothing short of the wildest of times with the most amazing of costumes. The party is 18+, and features four floors of music from dance and hip-hop, to Latin, International, Top 40 and mashups. Definitely expect that, given it being Halloween weekend, that there will be epic events planned to match the theme.

Halloween Unrated at Decades


DC’s only retro-themed nightclub truly gets into the swing of things on Halloween weekend with a fright-filled fun-overload of a double feature of party action. “Halloween Unrated” takes place on both Friday and Saturday night, and it being “unrated” is meant as a“take it to mean what you will” welcoming with open arms. From slush machines and video games to retro hits from the ‘80s-’10s, there’s always something for everyone at Decades and in adding costumes to the mix, this should be nothing short of an absolutely wild night.

Sunday, October 30

Laurel’s House of Horror

If looking for another area staple haunted house, Laurel’s House of Horror is built inside of an abandoned movie theater, and has been visited in the past by the likes of  Texas Chainsaw Massacre series actor “Leatherface” R.A. Mihailoff. The space has had it’s own paranormal experiences as determined by Chesapeake Ghost Hunters. If horror movie superstars in *actual* haunted houses aren’t enough to get you excited, then the 2016’s “Zombie Apocalypse” house theme should do the trick (or treat).

Hi-Lo At Soundcheck

Rising house music superstar Oliver Heldens pushes throwback and club-ready vibes via his Hi-Lo side project. If looking to hear very familiar dance sounds updated with kicking basslines and techno-style grooves, look no further. If a true dance fanatic, seeing a top performer like Heldens in such an intimate space is an opportunity not-to-be missed. Add in the promise of what Soundcheck is calling “Hi-Lo-Ween” has in store, and it’s a surefire recipe for a great night on the town.

Rocky Horror Picture Show At E Street Cinema

Being in your seats by 11:59 PM on Sunday, October 30 makes this annual showing of 1975’s most wild film and one of the most uniquely entertaining movie-viewing experiences ever. From getting dressed in costumes to literally throwing bread slices at the movie screen, it’s an amazing time. If you’ve never seen the on-screen antics of Brad, Janet, Dr. Frank-N-Furter and crew, this film is playing from the 15-31 at E Street, and is well worth taking the time to check out, maybe even twice.

Monday, October 31

Field Of Screams

Aside from being likely scared beyond belief by it’s four haunted attractions, Olney’s “Field of Screams” has 15 bonfires, smores, funnel cakes, fried Twinkies, and Oreos. The nighlight of making the trek could be the “Trail of Terror,” which for 2016 is themed as a “Camp Fear” where “a group of 20 year old campers once laughed, played and brutally died.” It’s recommended that nobody over the age of 13 head out to the Field of Screams, so definitely expect something that’s a bit more over-the-top and adult-aimed in presentation.

Griz At Echostage

Funky vibe-man Griz brings his unique brand of festive celebration to DC on Halloween. The soul-stirring bass lover oftentimes plays a like saxophone during his set, which puts the whole presentation over-the-top. The Detroit-based DJ/producer’s latest album is entitled Good Will Prevail, and with tracks featuring the likes of future-forward hip-hop adoring producers like Louis Futon and Cory Enemy, it’s possibly his most mainstream-ready release-to-date.

Monday Night Football at Barcode

If fright and fear aren’t exactly your cup of tea, the Minnesota Vikings and the Chicago Bears will be playing each other in a game with huge implications if the Vikings remain undefeated and/or one of the most surprising stories in the NFL in 2016. As well, the matchup is one of the NFL’s oldest, and the teams have played each other 12 other times on Monday night. Checking it out at Barcode’s long-standing Monday night event is definitely one of the premier spots in town for checking it out.