Jiffy Lube Live (Nissan Pavilion) Lifts Tailgating Ban - DC Clubbing

Jiffy Lube Live (Nissan Pavilion) Lifts Tailgating Ban

DC nightlife events fans get their way!

The 25,000 capacity concert pavilion that played host to Lil’ Wayne, Blink 182, Kid Rock, Tim McGraw and the Identity Festival last year; has agreed to lift its ban on fans getting drunk in the parking lot.

“Fan feedback is critical to help improve our operations and create the best possible concert experience for our fans. The decision was made after listening to our fans and doing our due diligence.”

– Matt Rogers, General Manager

Although the ban has been lifted – a set of strict guidelines will ensure safety for DC concerts:


  • Grills
  • Chairs & Tables – but not in driving aisles
  • Tailgating in front of or behind one’s vehicle

Not Allowed

  • Tents & Canopies
  • Open Containers (police enforced)
  • Underage Drinking
  • Dumping trash in the parking lot
  • People without event tickets
  • Tailgating on the grass
  • Tailgating after the show
Staff will be on site to provide trash bags
Tailgaiting at Jiffy Lube Live
A diagram shows the proper and improper way of tailgaiting at Jiffy Lube Live