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The Future of Cell Phones?

iPhone 5c Be Scared – Phonebloks is coming

cell phone with interchangeable parts
Imagine a cell phone where you upgrade single parts as needed… as opposed to getting a new one every time something small malfunctions. Has your phone become slow? Replace the part that affects speed, not the entire thing.

  • Need a new screen? Get one
  • Do you save info on the cloud and have little to no use for added memory?
    Get rid of the card and increase the size of your battery
  • Do you care more about photo/video than sound? Get a smaller speaker and a bigger lens
  • Are you an audiophile? Just go get some good headphones already… lol

Phonebloks could change the way we upgrade phones

Imagine if you could choose (or interchange) the charging port on your phone… what if you had multiple pieces so you could use any charger. Instead of one charger that fits all phones, you could have 1 phone that fits all chargers… WOW!

Waiting in line overnight for cell phones the way people do for concert tickets is getting ridiculous. Drooling over upgrades with few practical improvements is becoming a waste of time. Phonebloks may end all that. And it seems as though it provides an avenue for electronics manufacturers to continue monetizing the industry through product development.

Phonebloks is a platform that houses interchangeable parts in one unit to provide a customized communication device. Amazing!