The Gibson - DC Clubbing

The Gibson

The U Street Corridor’s Hidden Gem

Low lights and intimate conversation make The Gibson a perfect escape

A classy, intimate 14th Street bar and lounge, the Gibson offers an unmarked, undercover locale for quiet, low-key evenings.


2009 14th St NW
Washington, DC 20003
Neighborhood: U Street Corridor


(202) 232-2156



Mon-Thu, Sun 6PM – 1AM, Fri-Sat 6PM – 2AM

Upon strolling down 14th street, one would never notice the unmarked, pale door next to Marvin. Marked only by the smoking host that chills outside the door, Gibson looks like what one can only guess an illegal bar might look like during Prohibition.

The host kindly walks guests into the VERY dark room and escorts parties to a table, or the bar.  Next, the waitress approaches with an extensive cocktail menu placed on the table lit only by a glowing candle or several.  These candle provides the ONLY light in the establishment, minus some drooping lightbulbs over the bar.  This can be sexy right? Just be careful walking to the bathroom.

Feeling like one is in the Underground Railroad, fancy drinks are served like the Glittery Bitch, a mix of clear crème de cassis, Rothman & Winter peach liqueur, Maraschino, and champagne or the Tramp a mix of green chartreuse, lime, grenadine, and angels’ bitters.

Once you figure out what the ingredients are, drinks are served with quite the presentation.  Cocktail waitresses adorn glasses with lit lemons and fancy extras. If looking for a different, quite date night the Gibson offers just that, if you can find it.